Dog Licenses

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2018 Lincoln County Dog Licenses are available at LCHS. Please see our information below for frequently asked questions.

How much does a dog license cost?

$10 for a spayed/neutered dog or $30 for an unaltered dog. If the dog is not spayed/neutered at the time of purchase, we cannot sell the license for the spayed/neutered rate. 

How long are licenses available?

Licenses are available year-round. However, the fees for licenses increase after March 31, 2018. A $10 license increases to $25 and a $30 license increases to $65.

What do I need to purchase a dog license?

Your dog must be vaccinated for rabies in order to purchase a license. The rabies certificate will provide the experation date, tag number, and other information needed for the license. 

Can I purchase my dog's license through the mail?

Yes! Dog licenses can be purchased through the mail. Send the payment along with the license information form that can be downloaded. *This link is under construction and will be ready as soon as possible! Then mail your check or money order to LCHS (with the check written out to LCHS) at 310 N. Memorial Drive, Merrill WI 54452. 

Can I purchase a dog license online?

Yes! Go to this page to enter the information. You can pay through Paypal or with major credit card.  The license will be completed at the shelter and will be mailed directly to you. 

Can I purchase a kennel license through LCHS?

No, at this time kennel licenses must be purchased through the Lincoln County Treasurer. 

What happens if I don't purchase a license for my dog?

According to the Merrill Police Department, the fine for a first offense of a dog not having a rabies vaccination is $77.50, the same rate applies to a dog that is not licensed. If your dog is ever brought to the shelter as a stray, you will also be required to purchase a county license before the dog can be released.

You may license your dog online!