The Lincoln County Humane Society is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty and abuse to animals, birds and wildlife.

We strive to maintain a No-Kill facility; a place of safety for healthy adoptable animals; a temporary home for the homeless; a haven for the mistreated, neglected or abused animals of Lincoln County and surrounding counties.
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Upcoming Events

  • 17
    January Board Meeting

    Join us at our building (on the corner of 6th Street and Memorial Drive) for our board meeting on January 17. Our meeting will include information about future fundraising plans and daily operations. The meeting will be held at 5pm.

  • 19
    The Fix Is In - January 19

    LCHS is pleased to announce that The Fix Is In is offering low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for cats and dogs at our new building! The January surgery date will be the 19th.  You will need to call The Fix Is In at 715-550-7729 to set up appointment.

    Prices for dog surgeries range from $85-$100 (including the rabies vaccine) and $40-$50 for cats (including the rabies vaccine). You can check out their website for an additional services and information. www.the-fix-is-in.org

Latest News

January 13, 2017
Annual Statistics

LCHS is delighted to announce our statistics from 2016! We want to thank all our donors and supporters who have made this possible. Without your help, LCHS could not be successful. Be proud of all we have accomplished together! 


Cats 592

Dogs 125

Other (fish, turtles, mice, snakes, lizards, etc) 39


Rescue (animals being transferred from LCHS to another animal welfare organization to be placed for adoption)

Cats - 48

Dogs - 14

Other (fish, turtles, mice, rabbits, lizards, frogs, wildlife, etc) - 95


Redeemed (animals being reclaimed by an owner after being brought to LCHS as a stray)

Cats - 42

Dogs - 104

Other - 4