September Memorials

Thanks to everyone who donated in September in honor of a loved one! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Elaine Drew by  Faye Semling, Louise Peterson-Schmidt, Ruth Radlinger & Leah Juhlke, Michael & Margaret Mumma, Steve & Lana Strasman, Barbara & Walter Igl, Jill Lambrech

Ralph Boes by Florence & Gary Moyer, Scott & Linda Doerr                       

Carol Munroe by Scott & Linda Doerr, Susan & Timothy Lehmann           

Lorna Kanitz by Gwen Schmidt  

Marty Anderson by Mariann & Steve Hanig                      

Margaret Bennish by Carol Osness

Mitchell Fruend by Kris Schefdore

Giesela Laatsch by Gwen Schmidt

Nancy Russell by Carol Osness

Herb Sosinsky by Gary Kloiber, Eunice & Donald Daenicke, James & Catherine Meyer, Nathan & Jill Mickelson, Wilmer Gene & Mary Lou Seipp, Thayer & Judith Davis, Steven Kloiber, Marvalene Sosinsky

Carolyn Secho by Delores Hass, Kristine Smith

September Can Donations

Thanks to everyone who donated aluminum cans to LCHS in September! The total was almost $500 in donations!

You can donate aluminum cans at 4 different locations to support the animals of the shelter!

1. The donation bin in the LCHS parking lot
2. Schulz's Recycling in Merrill (make sure to specify the money is designated for LCHS)
3. Tomahawk Iron and Metal (make sure to specify the money is designated for LCHS)
4. Hometown Feed Mill in Tomahawk

And a huge thank you to Schulz's Recycling, Tomahawk Iron & Metal, and Hometown Feed Mill for acting as drop-off locations.

Building Fund Update

We would like to thank our recent building donors! Our building fund is now at $524,000!

Thanks to Park City Credit Union, Donna Wanta, and an anonymous donor for your support of our building project! Every dollar helps to get us closer to our new building.

Successful 5th Annual Banquet!

 We would like to thank all of our amazing supporters for another successful banquet! Our 5th Annual Banquet made more than $24,000 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home. We would like to thank all of the amazing businesses and donors - without the support of so many local people, this event could not happen.

We would like to thank Salon Envie of Wausau for their continued efforts at the banquet. Each year, Hanna and Erica, the owners of Salon Envie, donate cash prizes for a table at the banquet. They also volunteer at the event, selling tickets and helping out throughout the night. Hanna & Erica's table, which had $800 of combined cash and lottery ticket prizes, was the most successful table at the banquet this year. Thank you, Hanna and Erica!

And once again, thanks to everyone who attends the banquet, donates prizes, and volunteers to help at the event. We greatly appreciate your support!

Adopt-a-Dog Month Special!

Since October is Adopt-a-Dog Month, LCHS is offering all four of our wonderful adoptable dogs for only $50! So that means Nellie, Wookie, Dalton, and Mya are available for adoption for only $50!

The adoption fee includes the spay/neuter, rabies vaccine, distemper combo vaccine and booster, bordetella vaccine and booster, and a certified veterinary inspection.

Desert Items Needed!

The banquet is approaching fast! Each year, lots of generous supporters donate baked items for our "desert raffle." Some of these cakes sell for $100 (or more). This is a really fun and entertaining part of the night.

If anyone is willing to donate a baked item, we would greatly appreciate your support! Items can be dropped off any time before Saturday at 4pm.

If you are in the Tomahawk area and can't make a trip to Merrill to donate an item, please contact us and we will connect you with volunteers willing to take items from Tomahawk to Merrill. Thank you!!!

Tomahawk Aluminum Can Donation

Lincoln Country Humane Society Aluminum can collection site for Tomahawk is now Hometown Feed Mill in Tomahawk (216 South Tomahawk Ave) 715-453-3040.

Look for the metal can hopper with our LCHS BANNER ON IT! Please donate to help fund our shelter! Thanks once again to POP's Feed for all of the years of helping our shelter out! We do greatly appreciate all of your generosity over the years!

Merrill area residents can still donate cans in the bin at LCHS. Thank you!

Surrendering Your Pet

Because of the large amount of cats/kittens we currently have, LCHS cannot accept surrendered pets that do not have an appointment. Your patience when giving up your pet helps us to remain no-kill, without this option, our shelter would have to euthanize for space.

Please be considerate and call in advance to surrender your pet. 715-536-3459

August 2014

Thanks to everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in August! Your support resulted in more than $700 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home.

Delores Reichert by Diane Hanson

Erma Cosentino & Bear Cosentino by Paul McGongagle

Judy Frick by Micheal & Patricia Rice                    

Elaine Drew by Julie & Alan Coss, R. Bret & Sarah S. Miller, Veronica Zwirchitz

Pudgie Hoerstmann by Patrick & Johanna Hoerstmann

Gatsby & Balda by Dori Conlin

Margaret Miller by Matthew Huffman

Murphy Kavanaugh by Beth Cooper

Thanks for donating aluminum cans!

 Thanks to everyone who donated aluminum cans in August! Your donations made $1,703.14 for the animals calling LCHS their temporary home! Thank you so much!

LCHS Email

We are having some issues with our email. If you have emailed us and not received a response within 48 hours, please call the shelter instead. We are working on the issue but don't want anyone's emails to be skipped accidentally!

Our phone number is 715-536-3459. Thank you!

Merrill on the Move Walk-a-Thon

The Lincoln County Humane Society would like to thank all of our amazing supporters who made this year’s Merrill on the Move Walk-a-Thon possible! The walkers raised more than $1,300 for the animals calling LCHS their temporary home! Every shelter dog also enjoyed a great morning walk and got lots of extra attention. We would also like to thank Aspirus for sponsoring our Walk-a-Thon this year!

Summer Sizzlin' Raffle Winners

Congratulations to our Summer Sizzlin' Raffle winners! Vonda Backhaus won the 1st prize of $250, Taylor Shebelski won 2nd for $100, and Dixie Drewek won 3rd for $50!

Thanks to everyone who purchased a raffle ticket! Your support helps us to care for more than 1,000 animals every year.

Thank you, Paypal Donors!

Paypal Donors (5/27/14 – 8/18/14)

Lisa Pye
Pamela Welch
Beyrnelle Manthei...
Trina DeLasky
Tasha Wassink
Gabriel Dworet
Megan Keintz


Gatsby Balda by Dori Conlin
Margaret Miller by Matthew Huffman
Murphy Kavanaugh by Beth Cooper

Amazon Wish List

Did you know LCHS has a wish list on to make it easy to donate supplies for our shelter? Amazon delivers the items directly to our door to make donating easy!

The link for our wish list is:

Thank you for your support!

July Memorials
We would like to thank everyone who donated in memory of loved ones in July. Thank you for your support!


Virginia Harding Reynolds by Diane Henson, Janet Beyer Thums

Judy Frick by Valencia Grunenwald

Juanita Cookie Perry by Mary Bootz & Arlyn Hintz, Margareth Fehr, Larry & Colleen Woller
Mel Christianson by Mary Bootz & Arlyn Hintz

Judy Frick by Pam Wangerin, Marion Martell

Chase Proft by Debbie Alvin, Baron & Katie Proft

Janet Gilray by James & Phyliss Beilke

Pilgrim Hoerstmann by Richard & Ellayne Ollmann

Merrill on the Move Walk-a-Thon


The Lincoln County Humane Society is proud to team up with "MERRILL ON THE MOVE" Dog-Walk-A-Thon.  The community event  will be held on Saturday, September 6 at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds starting at 10:00am, rain or shine.  The entry fee is $5.00 and all the proceeds will benefit the Lincoln County Humane Society. 

Studies show exercise programs are more successful if you have a partner, what a better partner to walk with than a dog!  They never have any excuses, they are always happy and eager to go. 

Children love animals and this is a great way for the kids to be part of a community event involving animals and developing an exercise routine that can last them a life time. 

Ask your friends and family to support your efforts by having them sponsor you on the pledge sheet located in the documents section of our website  Any amount is appreciated! 


Update on 15 kittens!



These are just a few pictures of the 15 kittens brought to LCHS after being found in a cardboard box on the roadside.

A wonderful local vet donated his time to come in yesterday and check them all over to make sure they are doing... ok and their health is improving. The kittens will need to remain on medications due to the upper respiratory infection but we are definitely accepting applications on them! (You can find applications at under the Documents section).

We would like to thank everyone for their well wishes and donations for these sweet babies. Although it is a peak time of year for kittens, 15 additional babies needing care and medications are an unexpected investment for us. Your support is greatly appreciated and donations of kitten chow, canned food, and non-scoopable cat litter are tax-deductible! Our community is always amazing when there are animals in need and we are so grateful for it!

We will be posting individual pictures with their names soon!


The Fix Is In

If the Spay Me trip doesn't work for your schedule, don't forget about contacting The Fix Is In! They are based out of Rhinelander but travel to a variety of locations. You must contact The Fix Is In on your own to set up an appointment but we have provided their information below.

Spay or neuter surgery with free rabies vaccination, nail trim and ear cleaning at time of surgery.

Female dog - $100
Male dog - $85
Heavy dog fee (60+ pounds) - $20
Female cat - $50
Male cat - $40

Distemper vaccination (FVRCP or DHAPP) - $10
Additional take home pain medication - $15
E-collar/Recovery cone - $5
Microchip (with lifetime registration & updates) - $20
Hernia Repair - $20
Retained Testicle - $20
Cat carrier box - $5
715-550-SPAY (7729)


Thank you, Kyler, Kaden, and Summer!

LCHS would like to thank Kyler Lasee, Kaden Lasee (not pictured), and Summer Walsh for their support! Kyler, Kaden, and Summer made wood crafts to sell and donated all of the proceeds to the animals calling the shelter their temporary home. Thank you, Kyler, Kaden, and Summer for your support!

Putting a water bowl in your yard saves lives!

Thank you, Roman & Sergei!

LCHS would like to thank Roman & Sergei Wunsch for their support of the shelter! They organized a rock sale and lemonade stand in order to raise money for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home. They raised $25.00 to donate to LCHS! Thank you, Roman & Sergei!

Dog Redemption

Did you know that LCHS is one of few shelters that does not immediately charge for an animal being brought to the facility? We always give families a 24 hour "grace period" to call or stop by about their missing pets.

As long as you pick up your dog within 24 hours, there are only three things you need:

1. Proof of a current rabies vaccine. If you don't have a rabies vaccine for your dog, you will need to pre-pay for a rabies vaccine at your veterinarian and bring LCHS the receipt. A rabies vaccine keeps your pet and the community safe. It's the law.

2. A current dog license. County licenses are available for purchase year-round at LCHS or the county treasurer's office. A license is required by law. If you purchase a license between January 1-March 31, it is only $10 for a spayed/neutered dog. If your dog has been brought to LCHS and you do not have a county license, you must purchase one (any and all late fees apply).

3. An updated ID tag with a working phone number. Many people who find a lost animal will do their best to reunite it with its family before taking it to a shelter. By providing an ID tag with a phone number, you've given your pet the best possible chance to find its way home. Microchips are a great option but usually it is only animal shelters or vet clinics with the equipment to read the chip so a visible tag is still necessary. If you don't have a tag, LCHS sells them here (the company engraves them and mails them to your home directly).

ID Tags are Vital!


Top 5 Reasons to Protect Your Pets with External Identification Tags

By PawNews On April 15, 2013 ·

The ASPCA did a major study on pet ID tags and found that though 80% of pet parents believe that external identification is important, only 33% report actually putting tags on their pets.  What’s going on?  If you aren’t aware of why it is SO important to have an external ID on your pet…read on…

1.    1 in 3 pets will become lost in their lifetime (American Humane Association) and without proper identification, 90% of pets never make it back home (Found Animals Foundation)

Yes...even indoor kitties need external ID tags to keep them safe.

2.   Even if you have a strictly “indoor” pet…disasters, accidents and all sorts of unforeseen events will happen–it only takes one time. With less than 2% of cats and 20% of dogs coming back home safely…is it worth the risk?

3.   Anyone can read an external ID tag. Even if your pet is microchipped, they must be taken to a shelter or veterinarian to be scanned, and not all microchips can be read by all scanners. However, some new cutting-edge external ID tags, like PetHub QR ID tags even have multiple ways they can help pets get home and link to online profiles that can be changed at any time.

4.  Many people won’t pick up an animal without a collar on. They think “that’s a stray dog or feral cat.” But an animal with a collar & external ID tag…that’s a pet, someone’s family member, and folks are much more likely to stop and try to help the animal get home.

5.  Style, baby.  There are literally hundreds of styles of tags, in a wide range of prices, out there to fit you and your pet’s personality.  From princess to sports dog and from hipster to goof…there’s a fabulous ID tag out there for every pet & budget.

Spay Me Clinic Transport

LCHS has several openings for next Monday/Tuesday's Spay Me Clinic transport. The Spay Me Clinic (based out of Madison) is offering a July special so it is only $35 for a cat neuter/spay and rabies vaccine!

If you are interested in signing up your cat, you must have your release forms and payment turned in to LCHS by 5pm on Thursday July 3rd.

If you have transport related questions, please call LCHS at 715-536-3459. If you have surgery or medical questions, please contact Spay Me at 608-224-1400.

Thank you, B.A. & Esther Greenheck Foundation!

LCHS would like to thank the B.A. and Esther Greenheck Foundation Trustees for their generous donation to our building fund!

The $10,000 donation moves us one step closer to our dream of having a new building. Thank you so much for your generous support! We greatly appreciate it!

LCHS T-Shirts For Sale!

We have some of the orange LCHS shirts for sale here at the shelter. They are $20 each and we have L, XL and 2XL available. Gets yours while supplies last!

Stan's Story


Feral cats are often overlooked. They are too often the victims of ignorance, neglect, and abuse. Many people assume that a roaming cat is owned by "someone" who simply let it out to roam.

Stan was brought to LCHS in a live trap. He did no...t appreciate the companionship of people. Even at the shelter, he hid within a feral box which had been placed inside his kennel to give him a place to hide. The feral box also made it easier to clean his kennel and give him fresh food and water since it reduced the direct interaction he would have with staff.

At many shelters, Stan would have been euthanized. He would never have the personality to fit into a normal home and options for feral cats are always limited. Thankfully, LCHS recruits barn homes that offer feral cats an option. Cats from LCHS that are sent into barn homes are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and ear-tipped (a notch is taken out of the ear to indicate the cat has already been fixed). Barn homes must provide food and a shelter for the cats to escape the elements.

When Stan was sent to the vet for his neuter, the vet realized that Stan had the remains of pellets from a pellet gun in his face. Someone deliberately hurt Stan and left him to suffer.

Today, we are happy to report Stan has been neutered and his face has healed. He was also lucky enough to be taken into a barn home where he can live outdoors, catching mice, but he will not contribute to the cat/kitten overpopulation crisis.

Please, if feral cats are an issue for you, please, call LCHS to rent live-traps. There is never a need to injure and leave an animal to suffer.

Stan and other wild cats did not ask to be born into a world where they are unwanted and have been left too long to be tamed. If you have concerns about wild cats in your area, one of the best things you can do is get them spayed/neutered to prevent another generation of kittens from living a difficult, dangerous life.


Thank you, The Welness Center at Gress Chiropractic!


LCHS would like to thank The Wellness Center at Gress Chiropractic for their continued support! For the entire month of May, The Wellness Center at Gress Chiropractic hosted Funds For Furry Pets to support LCHS. A new patient or a patient returning after a long break received a chiropractic 10-point examination, a computerized posture screening, a health history, and a goal consultation. All this was included for a $17 donation (or ten items from the LCHS wish list) to the humane society!

Pictured: Dr. Chelsea Prothero, Dr. Carri Kennedy, Dr. Kathy Gress, and Liz from LCHS


Cruisin' For Critters Update

June 14th is right around the corner! We are still looking for some generous businesses to donate prizes or gift cards for raffles or door prizes - please contact LCHS or if interested!! Thank You!!

We are getting things underway for the CFC 2014 ride this year. We are going to do a theme this year called "Raise the Roof" to help us get the new Lincoln County Humane Society building actually started. We are getting so close, we are 2/3rds of the way there and still need your help!!

The registration will be June 14th 10 am-12pm at Lincoln County Cycles (Tomahawk) then off to Harrison Oasis for our first stop, then Hwy B east to Hwy 17 north Hwy A west to Bottoms Up for stop number 2, then Hwy A back to Tomahawk and north to Hwy U to Hwy 8 to Hwy L north to Prairie Rapids Road West to Lee Road south to Hwy Y to Nokomis Pub and Eatery for stop number 3 then Hwy Y south to Hwy 8 west to Hwy CC to Tomahawk Lodge for stop number 4 then Hwy CC back to Tomahawk to The Happy Snapper for stop number 5 then off to Merrill to Rock Island for the festivities and fun and food.

You do not need a motorcycle to join in the fun! We have had classic cars, scooters, and even a pedal bike in previous years! Stay tuned for future updates...

Thank you, Paypal Donors!


 Thank you to everyone who donated through the LCHS Paypal account! We greatly appreciate your continued support!




Patrick McFadden by K. Krajenka


Ruth Strasman by Thomas Ravn


Dorothy Grefe by Mike & Vonya Ellsworth


Frank Kolar by Charlene Koziel, Terianne Heuer




Trina DeLasky, Patrick Powers, Samantha Isberner, Tasha Wassink, Beyrnelle Manthei, Judith Locke, Pamela Welch, Amy Antonich



Thank you, Culver's!

LCHS would like to thank Culver's for their recent donation of almost $500 to our building fund! Culver's held a one day fundraiser where a portion of all the proceeds that day were donated to LCHS. We would also like to thank all of our supporters that went to Culver's!

Thank you, Klasinski Clinic!

LCHS would like to thank Klasinski Clinic for their generous donation of $500 to our shelter! Klasinski Clinic hosted a "invite to like" contest on facebook and encouraged the winners to donate the money to the charity of their choice. Stephanie Tritten won second place and chose LCHS to receive the donation! Thank you, Stephanie and Klasinski Clinic! Find out more about Klasinski Clinic at

Thank you, Skutak Dental!

Skutak Dental has been a great supporter of LCHS for several years. They have generously covered the cost for renting the Armory at our Annual Rummage Sale this Saturday from 8am-2pm. Dr. Skutak and her family have also volunteered at several events and even fostered two special needs dogs! Thank you, Skutak Dental, for all your support!

Thank you, Flint Creek Woodworking!

LCHS would like to thank Ron & Louise for their generous donation to our shelter! Ron has owned and operated Flint Creek Woodworking for several years. Upon his retirement, Ron decided to donate handmade wooden food and water bowl holders, as well as beautiful wooden doggie toy boxes. LCHS will be selling the items and using them as raffle prizes at our summer events. Thank you, Ron & Louise!

Thank you, Rivers Edge!

LCHS would like to thank River's Edge of Merrill for supplying catnip for all of our shelter kitties!  River's Edge is also offering a coupon for catnip that will allow anyone adopting a kitty to buy one bag of catnip and get a second bag at half price.  Call River's Edge at 715-536-2270 for more information!

An Easy Way to Help Wildlife

Although winter seems endless, spring is quickly approaching.  This means a great increase in injured or orphaned wildlife.  But things are not always as they seem.  There are many times where a human's well meaning intervention actually can do more harm than good. 

An easy way to make sure you're making the right choice is to contact an expert right away. By saving wildlife rehabilitation phone numbers into your phone today, you have the resource you may need in the future.  If you're at the park and find a baby bird, you'll know exactly who to call for answers.  So pull out your phone right now and save these numbers:

Northwoods Wildlife Center 715-356-7400

Raptor Education Group 715-623-4015

This simple step may help you to save a life one day!

Cold Weather Tips for Pets

Cold weather is as difficult for animals as it is for people. When the weather is below freezing, the Lincoln County Humane Society highly recommends keeping your pets indoors. Being outdoors in freezing temperatures is a huge health risk to pets, and causes severe stress.

But if you must keep your pets outdoors, please follow these recommendations to help keep them safe and comfortable.


1.    Feed high quality foods with essential fatty acids to help outdoor dogs and cats maintain a thick coat of fur in the winter. Some veterinarians even recommend adding canola oil, soybean oil, or butter or fish oils directly to the dry food a pet receives. Check with your local veterinarian to see what’s safe and most beneficial to your pet.

2.    Increase food supply, especially protein, to help keep a healthy weight. If your pet is overweight, this is not recommended.

3.    Provide a heated water bowl for pets. Eating snow is not enough to prevent dehydration and it will cause hypothermia more quickly because it drops your pet’s body temperature.

4.    Don’t use metal bowls for food or water because your pet’s tongue may stick to the metal.

5.    Check frequently to make sure the water and food aren’t frozen.


1.    Make sure all pets, but especially, senior or arthritic pets have thick beds to in a warm area to keep their joints from hurting more.

2.    Keep beds off of concrete or the floor. 

3.    Use straw for bedding instead of towels, blankets, and newspaper which retain cold and moisture.

4.    Make sure your pet has an insulated house. It should be large enough for the animal to stand and turn but not too large or it won’t help conserve body heat.

5.    The pet’s house should be kept a few inches off the ground and covered with straw. The opening should be facing away from the wind and there should be a plastic cover on the door.


1.    Make sure your pet’s fur is free of matts and burrs. Matted fur won’t protect as well from the cold.

2.    Don’t use regular road salt near your pet, make sure to have a pet safe variety to prevent injury and irritation on delicate paw pads.

Our Wish List

We are running low on a few items here at the shelter and any help would be very much appreciated!

Wish List

13 gallon garbage bags

Dish soap

Dryer sheets

Kitten Food



Thank you to anyone who can help us out!!


LCHS Hours & Policies

We would like to remind everyone that our open hours are 12pm-5pm Monday-Friday, 12pm-4pm Saturday, and 12pm-2pm Sunday.  Before and after those hours, we may have staff at the shelter but we are trying to care for the animals and finish other necessities. Please be courteous of our staff and respect these hours.

We are only taking surrendered (animals that have an owner) by appointment.  Without an appointment set in advance, we may need to refuse to accept the animal.  Call us at 715-536-3459 with any questions.

Keep your dog's feet safe during walks!
Put your hand on the asphalt for at least 7 seconds to make sure it's comfortable for your dog to walk on.  Damage to their paws can occur very quickly.

Help wildlife by checking with the experts first!

LCHS will assist with transfer of wildlife and birds to appropriate facilities but we cannot provide care ourselves.  If you have a wildlife or bird concern, please contact Northwoods Wildlife Center at 715-356-7400 or the Raptor Education Group at 715-623-4015 for information and advice. 

Contact Northwoods Wildlife Center for Wildlife Advice

Since spring is finally here, we'd like to remind everyone to contact Northwoods Wildlife Center at 715-356-7400 if you have found wildlife that may be injured or orphaned. They have tons of great suggestions on how to determine if an animal is truly in need of help.

Check out their website at:

Barn Kitties Needing Homes!

LCHS often has barn kitties available for appropriate barn homes. Barn kitties may be friendly but have issues that make them unable to live in indoor homes (declawed cats will not be sent as barn kitties) or may be shy and nervous around people. All kitties sent into barn homes will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated for rabies (if old enough), vaccinated for distemper, and given preventative treatment for ear mites or worms. There is no fee to adopt a barn kitty but barn homes must provide food and water for the cats every day and offer an indoor shelter for cats to escape the elements.

If you would like to adopt a barn kitty, please call us at 715-536-3459 or email If we do not have a barn kitty at the time you contact us, we can put you on a waiting list for future barn kitties.

Fun and Easy Ways to Help!

Lincoln County Humane Society is now registered with two of the Web's most well-known sites: GoodSearch/GoodShop, and! Now it's as easy as searching the Internet and shopping online to help the LCHS, and the best part is, it doesn't cost you a thing! Check out our "Fun Ways to Help" page for more details!

Join Us on Facebook!

We now have an official Facebook page! If you are on Facebook, please click here and become a FAN! Facebook will allows us to reach you in a more timely manner with any important announcements or news. It's a great way to keep in touch with what's happening at the Lincoln County Humane Society!

For your convenience- Donate online!
For your convenience, we are now able to accept donations online securely via credit card or PayPal. Simply click the Donate button to help us continue to serve needs of homeless animals in Lincoln County. The animals thank you!