Volunteer Opportunities

While things have been unusually quiet at LCHS, this has given us some time to address future policies and ways we can improve.

One of the main changes will occur in our volunteer program. LCHS has always been very relaxed; volunteers could visit any time during open hours with no advance notice. Although this had advantages for visiting families, often we would see dozens of volunteers in one day and then have no one come to walk dogs or visit the cats for several days in a row. Once LCHS officially reopens, our new policy will require volunteers submit the volunteer application in advance and volunteers will now follow a schedule and will undergo a brief training to learn more about the facility and how we operate. This simple change will help us to ensure the animals have daily enrichment and volunteers do not have to wait at the facility for an opening to volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering once the shelter is open to the public, please call us at 715-536-3459 or email us at manager@furrypets.com.

We understand different volunteers have different abilities and interests and we intend to work with each volunteer to make the experience at LCHS a great fit. Our volunteer application will ask your preferences and we will contact you to schedule times to visit. Please specify if you intend to bring children with and the age of each child. Volunteer shifts will range from 30 minutes – 2 hours depending on the volunteer and the animals available. Volunteer shifts will be scheduled one week in advance. If you cannot make your pre-scheduled shift, please contact LCHS in advance so we can work with another volunteer to replace your shift. A weekly shift update will be sent out each Thursday via email or text (depending on the preference of the volunteer).

Please note – LCHS will no longer accept court-ordered community service.

Common Questions:

What if I want to visit the animals but don’t intend to adopt?
-You will be required to complete the volunteer applications and have a scheduled volunteer shift in advance. Walk-in visitors will no longer be allowed at LCHS unless there is an opening in the volunteer schedule. This is to help ensure enough time for scheduled volunteers to work with the animals and prevent the animals from being overloaded with multiple people coming through all at once.

What if I want to visit prior to adopting?
-You will be asked to submit the adoption application in advance. This has streamlined the adoption policy for LCHS and made it much easier to let adopters know in advance if any additional information is needed. After the application is reviewed, LCHS will set a time for you to come in.

What if I have to cancel my shift?
-Please call, text, or email as soon as possible so we can fill the shift. Repeated no-show/no-call situations may result in the volunteer being removed from the schedule rotation in the future.

What does volunteering include?
-Volunteers can still specify their interests: dog walking, socializing with cats, yard work/maintenance, and morning cleaning. As we work with volunteers to join the schedule rotation, we will also provide a brief introduction to operations so volunteers are more comfortable assisting with basic tasks involved with the animals.

Do I have to stay for a full shift?
-Volunteer shifts will range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the animals at the shelter, the amount of volunteers in a group, the ages of the volunteers, etc. These times vary to help provide a positive experience for the volunteers and the animals. Young children may be overwhelmed by long stays at the shelter and therefore, a large family may be limited to a shorter volunteer time. We ask volunteers commit to at least 30 minutes because that will give enough time to work with each animal assigned to the volunteer during the shift.

Can I still visit every animal in the building?
- Volunteers may be restricted to certain areas during their volunteer shift – one group may visit “Colony Room A” while another family visits “Colony Room B” at the same time. This will reduce risk of disease transmission between cats (upper respiratory infections can easily be spread to different cats on a person’s clothes or body, although there is no risk to people), help guarantee each animal has a happy human interaction each day, and help LCHS staff to get to know each animal better by asking volunteers to report the information they learn while visiting with the animals. Although volunteers may be used to visiting each animal at the shelter, our hope is that by assigning animals to each volunteer, we can work with our volunteers to learn more about each animal, guarantee each animal has enough interaction each day, and each person volunteering has a positive experience.

We would greatly appreciate help in these following areas:

Court Ordered Community Service

LCHS can no longer accept individuals completing court-ordered community service hours. This includes juveniles and adults. Please contact your probation officer for other locations that accept community service hours. 

Volunteer Drivers

LCHS is in need of drivers to take animals to and from veterinary appointments, rescue organizations, and wildlife facilities. Drivers will be using their own vehicles.