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Live Trap Returns
April 19, 2019

If you have recently rented a live trap from LCHS, please contact us about returning it as soon as possible. We have several people waiting to rent the cat-size live traps. If you have a trap rented, please call us at 715-536-3459

March Honorarium Donations
April 18, 2019

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in March! Your support is greatly appreciated! 


Chuck Ackerman by Duane Flegner & Jenny Diagostine Flegner

Ben Bukovic by Peggy & Bob Bauman

Franny by Kittie & John Crossen

Charlene Nowak by Amy Krueger

Faye Jean Osness by William & Joanne Wengeler, James & Beth Dickinson, Ardell & Dianne Thorson, Darlene Gabriel, Sheldon & Bonnie Hanson, Dennis & Karen Lyon, Carroll Family, Stan & Debbie Seeger, Randy Osness, Randy & Laurie Weisenfeld, Karen Severt, Dave & Katie Lee, Karyn Schwenner, Michael & Marilyn Jirovec, Allen & Phyllis Buch, Kevin & Kathy Osness, Tim & Sue Finnegan, Brian Latzig, Faye Nelson, Jeff & Jill Hanson, Carol Osness, Steve & Nicole Lenhart, Seth & Kristin Anderson, Shirley Hatfield, Darlene Osness, Garry & Barbara Schmidt, Sue Osness, Mariann & Steve Hanig, Denny & Joanne Brandner, Brent & Molly Klefstad, Chipper & Sandy Mosser, Gary & Bonnie Osness, John & Lynn Muhvich, Ralph & Phyllis Buch, Betty Latzig, Marc Ollmann, Sebastian Ollmann, Larrisa Ollmann, Manny Olmann, Bob & Dorothy Johnson, Thomas Cimino, Ingrid Erickson, Tom & Sheryl Knospe, Rose Akey, Robert & Rebecca Ott, Denise Severt, Constance Cimino, James & Heather Barker, Richard & Elayne Ollmann, Todd & Susan Osness, Brad Ollmann, Janet Beyer-Thums, Judy Kimmons 

Barb Renken by Beverly Dietz

Jan Thompson by Beverly Dietz

Ken VanderGeest by Janet Beyer, Dennis & Kara Inabnet, Richard Hughes, Michael & Katy Weckwerth, Bill & Summer Ott, Keith & Anne Donner, Marjorie English & Julie Wendorf, James & Beth Badeau, Penny Callahan, Helene Ader, Jay Ellen Brown, Midwest Acupuncture & Pain Treatment Center, Kristin VanderGeest, Joyce Livingston, Dieter Nickel, Kyle & Sarah Banaszak, John & Kimberly Jones, Mary Bauman & Daniel Jackson, Mary DeBroux, Mark & Deborah Prange, Jacob & Kristin Barnes, Julia Anderson, Dan Rajek DDS, Christian & Evelyn Lee, Susan & Joel Wendt, Terrance & Tracey Brandl, Doris Taylor, Darlene Woodward, James & Karen Schooley

Steve Weber by Duane Flegner & Jenny Diagostine Flegner


March Donors
April 16, 2019

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in March! We are so grateful for your continued support! 

Stephen Jarosz

The Benevity Community Impact Fund


Shawn & Nicole Henke

Vern Weiss

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Cecil Ballou

Wisconsin Trailblazers Dog Sled Club, Inc

Brad & Constance Bielke

Darlene Raunio

Diana Berenz

Beverly Dietz

High School Varsity Club - School District of Tomahawk

Lisa & Wayne Hess

Janet Selnes

Erin Wells

Student Council - Merrill Area Public School

Erin Wells

Pamela Welch

Marathon Electric Motors

Jennifer Gerbig

Katherine Heuer


Nadine Appel

Tasha Wassink

Fidelity Charitable

T.B. Scott Library

Network for Good

Marie Davis

Amy Hameister

Kenneth & Jane Brokaw

Betty Blumenkamp

Rose Lynd

Steven & Lisa Sandry

Jennifer Bootz

Demia McDowell

Merrill Vet Clinic

Lela Bowser

Tony Schultz & Ronni Dorn

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the Jeanne Heckman Trust. Jeanne Heckman generously donated an additional $20,000 to LCHS in her will. We are incredibly touched by her amazing support of our shelter. 



April 15, 2019

LCHS will be closed April 17 while The Fix Is In is at the shelter. We will reopen on April 18 at 12pm.

September Donation Boxes
April 12, 2019

Thanks to everyone who has supported LCHS by donating through our donation boxes! Your support is greatly appreciated! And a huge thank you to all of the businesses that host the boxes for us!

In March, we received $162.36 as a result of your donations!


Merrill Locations:

Merrill Vet Clinic

Merrill Golf Course

Merrill Gas Station (Hwy 107)

Wagner Shell

Eagle's Club


Lincoln Community Bank

First Street Coffee Station

Park City Credit Union

Customer One Coop

Holiday (Center Ave)

Pine Ridge Restaurant

Merrill Federal

Ace Hardware

Young's Pharmacy

County Market

Los Mescales

Tomahawk Locations:

Tomahawk Furniture & Gun

The Cheese Shoppe

Kracker Barrel

The Bridge Motel


River Valley Bank 

Park City Credit Union

Tomahawk Family Restaurant

Standard Mercantile

Hometown Feed Mill

Crossroads Mobile

Tomahawk Shell

Lincoln County Cycles

Great Lake Food

Cerny's Greenhouse

The Knot Haus

Wausau Locations:


Phillips 66

Marathon Town & Country 

Shell (Weston)

Mother's Day Ring Raffle
April 07, 2019

 Join us for our Mother's Day Ring Raffle! Tickets are available at LCHS! 

The drawing will be held after our "Walk for Whiskers" on May 11th at the shelter! Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. Stop in during our open hours to buy yours!

The ring is appraised at $681

Pet ID Tags
April 03, 2019


Did you know that LCHS sells ID tags?! We have a variety of sizes and colors available. Stop in any time we are open and you can pick out your tag and we will engrave it for you on our machine! We sell them for $3 each and your pets will thank you! 

March Aluminum Can Donations
April 02, 2019

 Thanks to everyone who donated aluminum cans in March! Your support resulted in $421.50 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! 

You can donate aluminum cans at 4 different locations to support the animals of the shelter!

1. The can donation bin in the LCHS parking lot at our new building

2. Schulz's Recycling in Merrill (specify the money is designated for LCHS)

3. Tomahawk Iron & Metal (specify the money is designated for LCHS)

4. Hometown Feed Mill in Tomahawk

Our thanks to Schulz's Recycling, Tomahawk Iron & Metal, and Hometown Feed Mill for your support as donation locations! And a thanks to the staff of Schulz's Recycling for donating their time to pick up the cans from LCHS!


Fundraising Committee Meeting - April 3
March 26, 2019

Please note - 

Our fundraising committee meeting will be held on April 3 at 5:30 at Merrill Eagle's Club! The public is encouraged to attend.

At the meeting, we will review current fundraisers and discuss upcoming events for 2019. If you have any questions, please call Liz at 715-536-3459.


February Animal Sponsors
March 20, 2019

We would like to thank the following donors for sponsoring an animal in February! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Rhett & Hamlet (cats) sponsored by Michelle Becker

Bethany (cat) sponsored by Judith Locke

Mizar (kitten) sponsored by Mathew Bowen & Serena Cadena

Shirley, Squiggles, Twinkie (cats) & Luci (dog) sponsored by Amy Lepak

Cicero (snake) sponsored by Tammy Amelse

Benji (cat) sponsored by Destiny Lemke

Digit (cat) sponsored by Gena Dennis

Hazel (dog) sponsored by Andrew & Mera Lonsdorf

February Donors
March 15, 2019

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in February! 

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Jessica Fehrenbach

Hunter Renken

Cecil Ballou

Jean Perkins

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Dennis Gourlie

John Schaffer

Diane Mikkelson

Roxanne Glapinski

William Baptist

Darlene Raunio

Nadine Appel

Heather O'Neill

Diana Berenz

Bonnie Henrichs

Barbara Ringwelski & Patricia Oelke

Patrice Hodach

Rick & Judith Lombard

Town of King

Pamela Welch

Louise Jensen

Hilda Bukovic

Jennifer & John Rainville


In The Lite, LLC

Natalie Griffie & Robert Narron

Wisconsin Trailblazers Sled Dog Club, Inc

Network for Good

Tasha Wassink

Amy Hameister

Thomas & Catherine Prasil

Dawn & Frank Sus Jr.



February Honorarium Donations
March 13, 2019

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in February! We greatly appreciate your support! 

Geraldine "Jerri" Bloechl by Steven & Virginia Drew, Gary & Arlene Schulze, Carol Page, Reading Buddies Memorial, Sharon Marzynski, Russell & Mary Leyk, Helene & John Ader Jr, Everett & JoAnn Rogers, Katharyn & David Smith Jr, Donna Block, Mike Mensching & Karen Karow

Humphrey, Petie, Scamp, & Zeke by Kristine Rehwinkle

Wayne Schoepke by Robert & Karen Dalle Ave

Faye Jean Osness by Barbara Hanson, Donna Van Slate, Ronald Prey, Daniel Beyer, Derry & Jennifer Thorson, Scott & Stacy Pettit

Ken Van Der Geest by Donna Schulz, Amanda & Jay Gremmillion Family, CRBEJESI, Bob & Jane Dehnel, City Employees, Katharyn & David Smith Jr, Gary & Mary Wussow, Robert & Barbara Ott, Roger & Julie Wendorf, Debbie Alvin, Brenda Zettler, J. Michael Nolan, Wade Neufeld Family, Kathleen Deates, Oasis Car Wash Systems Inc, Anonymous, Katherine Colclasure, Diana & Wayne Zimmerman, Lorri Weix, Scott & Sue Van Der Geest, Faye Semling, Wally & Judy Smith 

James Ollhoff by Darrel & Melissa Dengel

Darla Sann's Birthday by Lori Lyn Kroening

Aldo Erio Pezzi by Michelle Plautz

Baked Goods Needed - April 6
March 08, 2019

 LCHS is in need of baked goods for our sale on April 6 for our bake sale at the Tomahawk Home, Sport, & Travel Show. If you are able to donate an item in the Merrill area, you can drop it off at LCHS on Friday the 5th from 12pm-5pm. If you are in the Tomahawk area, please call Jim to set a time to drop off baked items 715-966-1961

Please call us with any questions 715-536-3459

Spring Rummage Sale Cancelled
March 07, 2019

LCHS has decided to cancel our Spring Rummage Sale for 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Purchase 2019 Dog Licenses by March 31!
March 05, 2019

 2019 Lincoln County Dog Licenses are available at LCHS. Please see our information sheet below for frequently asked questions.


How much does a dog license cost?

$10 for a spayed/neutered dog or $30 for an unaltered dog. If the dog is not spayed/neutered at the time of purchase, we cannot sell the license for the spayed/neutered rate. 


How long are licenses available?

Licenses are available year-round. However, the fees for licenses increase after March 31, 2019. A $10 license increases to $25 and a $30 license increases to $65.


What do I need to purchase a dog license?

Your dog must be vaccinated for rabies in order to purchase a license. The rabies certificate will provide the experation date, tag number, and other information needed for the license. Make sure to bring a copy of the rabies certificate when purchasing the license.


Can I purchase my dog's license through the mail?

Yes! Dog licenses can be purchased through the mail. Send the payment along with the license information form that can be downloaded. *This link is under construction and will be ready as soon as possible! Then mail your check or money order to LCHS (with the check written out to LCHS) at 310 N. Memorial Drive, Merrill WI 54452. You will need to include a copy of the rabies certificate when mailing the payment for the license. 


Can I purchase a dog license online?

Yes! Go to www.furrypets.com/2012/dog-license1.php to enter the information. You can pay through Paypal or with major credit card.  The license will be completed at the shelter and will be mailed directly to you. You will still need to email or mail a copy of the rabies certificate provided by the veterinarian. Our email is manager@furrypets.com


Can I purchase a kennel license through LCHS?

Yes, however, due to the length of time the kennel license can take, we recommend setting a time in advance. 


What happens if I don't purchase a license for my dog?

According to the Merrill Police Department, the fine for a first offense of a dog not having a rabies vaccination is $77.50, the same rate applies to a dog that is not licensed. If your dog is ever brought to the shelter as a stray, you will also be required to purchase a county license before the dog can be released.

Paws for Love 2019
March 04, 2019

One of our first fundraisers of each year are our "Paws for Love" in various increments. Each year, local businesses help us by selling the "Paws" to their customers and displaying them at businesses. All of the businesses that help us work hard to fundraise for us. We have already raised $1,735.39!  Please thank these additional businesses for their support!

Our current supporters:


Dave's County Market

River Valley Bank

Waves Full Service Salon

Associated Bank

First Street Coffee Station

Holiday Gas Stations

Los Mezcales

Merrill Federal Bank

Park City Credit Union

To Your Health Grocery 

M Bank

Hugo's Pizza

S & S Bar

Miller's Home Furniture

Kautz Tax Service

Z's Fork Horners

Tomahawk Family Restaurant

Billy Bob's

Ingman's Parkway Pub 


If you are interested in hosting Paws at your business, please give LCHS a call at 715-536-3459! 

Soup Cook-Off Update!
February 25, 2019

We would like to thank all of the amazing people who made our 1st Annual Soup Cook-Off a success! So many people and businesses came together to volunteer, donate baked goods, prepare raffle baskets, make souop, and raise money for the animals! Thank you all! Your support resulted in more than $1,500 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! 

Soup Cook-Off Entries
February 20, 2019

We are still accepting more entries to our upcoming Soup Cook-Off on February 23 but we wanted to share the list of delicious soups that have already been registered! We still have tickets available for anyone interested in attending the Soup Cook-Off as a "tester." 

Chicken Noodle Soup by Ingman's Parkway Pub

Ham & Potato Soup by Road Lake Pub & Grill

Tripp's Chili by Northway Club

Cheese Potato with Ham by Sally T.

Chili by Jim D.

Chicken & Wild Rice by Brian M.

Cheese & Broccoli by Laura M.

White Chicken Chili by Chad S.

Vegetarian Chili by Kassie B.

Sausage Corn Chowder by Lynn W.

Italian Meat Ball by Jake R.

Chili by Darla S. 


We will also be having a bake sale during the event! 

January Honorarium Donations
February 08, 2019

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in January! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Jean Osness by Kerry Coenen, MaryAnn & Norman Hoerstmann, Larry & Colleen Woller, Arlyn Hintz & Mary Bootz, Julie Osness-Thorson & Greg Thorson, Kim Travis, Liz Friedenfels & Eric Schram

Wayne Schoepke by Mary Myszka, Marilyn Scheel, Julie Pokorny, Thomas Clifford & Barbara Hermann

Daletta Grimm by Mike & Vonya Ellsworth

Dawn King by Peggy & Bob Bauman

Darla Sann's Birthday by Carl & Mary Moscherosch

Chelsea Baacke by Nancy Baacke

Donna Hinz by Debbie Alvin

Jane Carstenson by Carol Osness

Ruth Wengeler by Dianne Belling

Pal the dog by Dianne Belling

Geraldine Bloechl by Doris Taylor, Ruth Dingess


January Donors
February 07, 2019

We would like to thank everyone who donated in January! Your support resulted in almost $2,000 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! 

James & Rosemary Schielke

Marvin & Betty Kamke

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Mike Nolan

Robert Bushmann

Lori Weiderhoeft

Mary Pat Campbell

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Cecil Ballou

Jill & Corey Krueger

Sheila Kluxdal

Nadine Appel

Barbara Gibson

Florian & Barbara Ringwelski

David & Carol Finanger

Candice Jacobson

James Timm

Town of Schley

Merrill Ice Draggers

Vicky Jenks - from Toby & Family

Frank Sus

Darlene Raunio

Thomas & Heather O'Neill

Alleah Pynenberg & Nathan Drummond

Give with Liberty

Patriot Auto Service

Network for Good

Patti Knetter

Benedictine Living Community of Wausau 

Mark Krupinski

Beth Cooper

Diana Berenz

Pamela Welch

Tasha Wassink

Amy Hameister

Coleen Sukow

Jean Orcutt- Schulz




Our Wish List
February 04, 2019

We are running low on a few items here at the shelter and any help would be very much appreciated!

Wish List

13 gallon garbage bags

Kitten Food

Canned Cat/Dog Food

Cat Litter (Non-scoopable)

 Catnip & Cat Toys

Paper Towel & Toilet Paper


Thank you to anyone who can help us out!!


Cold Weather Tips for Pets
January 31, 2019




Cold weather is as difficult for animals as it is for people. When the weather is below freezing, the Lincoln County Humane Society highly recommends keeping your pets indoors. Being outdoors in freezing temperatures is a huge health risk to pets, and causes severe stress.


But if you must keep your pets outdoors, please follow these recommendations to help keep them safe and comfortable.




1.    Feed high quality foods with essential fatty acids to help outdoor dogs and cats maintain a thick coat of fur in the winter. Some veterinarians even recommend adding canola oil, soybean oil, or butter or fish oils directly to the dry food a pet receives. Check with your local veterinarian to see what’s safe and most beneficial to your pet.

2.    Increase food supply, especially protein, to help keep a healthy weight. If your pet is overweight, this is not recommended.

3.    Provide a heated water bowl for pets. Eating snow is not enough to prevent dehydration and it will cause hypothermia more quickly because it drops your pet’s body temperature.

4.    Don’t use metal bowls for food or water because your pet’s tongue may stick to the metal.

5.    Check frequently to make sure the water and food aren’t frozen.



1.    Make sure all pets, but especially, senior or arthritic pets have thick beds to in a warm area to keep their joints from hurting more.

2.    Keep beds off of concrete or the floor. 

3.    Use straw for bedding instead of towels, blankets, and newspaper which retain cold and moisture.

4.    Make sure your pet has an insulated house. It should be large enough for the animal to stand and turn but not too large or it won’t help conserve body heat.

5.    The pet’s house should be kept a few inches off the ground and covered with straw. The opening should be facing away from the wind and there should be a plastic cover on the door.



1.    Makesure your pet’s fur is free of matts and burrs. Matted fur won’t protect as well from the cold.

2.    Don’t use regular road salt near your pet, make sure to have a pet safe variety to prevent injury and irritation on delicate paw pads.

December Animal Sponsors
January 23, 2019

We would like to thank everyone who sponsored an animal in December! 

Abby & Wappy (dogs) by James Erickson

Fruitcake (kitten) by Heidi Haltinner

Big Guy (cat) by Darin & Kati Gille

Dusty (cat) by Cassie McLain

Lola (dog) by Jill Wolff, Kris Ziegler

Salt (kitten) by David Press


Thank you, Ingman's Parkway Pub!
January 22, 2019

We would like to thank Ingman's Parkway Pub for their continued support! Each December, Ingman's hosts a Chili Cook-Off and donates the proceeds to several area organizations. In the past four years, LCHS has received $2,755 from Ingman's! Thank you, Ingman's Parkway Pub! 

December Donors
January 21, 2019

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in December! The donations resulted in more than $11,000 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! 

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Loretta Whipple

Donald Paroubek

Nadine Appel

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Cecil Ballou

Thrivent for Lutherans

Keith Perkins

Gloria Ziolkowski


Merrillee Duplayee

Lake Alexander Club

Riverside Athletic Club - 10 o'clock Water Class

Lynn & Thomas Zentner

Lake Alexander Club

Mary Leyk

Hilda Bukovic

Lynn & Thomas Geiger

Kristin Suthers

Darlene Raunio

Town of Tomahawk

Richard & Brenda Mamer


Louise Stephens

Russ & Carol Mancl

Nancy Burkholder

Brian & Sharon Gulke

Louis & Vernette Heuser

Rick & Judith Lombard

Randall & Kathleen Murray

Sandra & William Lussenhop

Church Mutual Insurance Company

Mary Bauman

Michael & Rachel Geisler

Network for Good

Merrill Rider's Club

Linda & Alan Tetzloff

Church Mutual - Christmas Is Committee

James Blair 

Maureen Sanford

Robert Richards & Virginia Jach Richards

Raasch Team, Inc

Ann Koy

Terry & Carolyn Dransfield

David & Lora Reichelt

Patricia Heller

Rose Laessig

Brenda Lawrie

William Rose

Kenneth & Lois Britt

Joanne & Donald Sprague

Noreen Salzman

Give with Liberty

Holly Dionne

Nancy Pekarske - in honor of Nathan Pekarske

Rita Yaeger

Dianna Berenz

Judith Locke

Pamela Welch

Jon Schoepke

Amber Thompson

Kent & Deidre Rinne

Julie Wamser - in honor of Jill Braunel

Richard Serafin

Tasha Wassink

Amy Hameister

Sarah Alberg

Beth & Wayne Cooper

Charles Speth

Mike & Vonya Ellsworth

Charles Speth

Mike & Vonya Ellsworth

Julane Schulist

Lisa Pye

Susanne Schnappup



December Honorarium Donations
January 16, 2019

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in December! Your support resulted in almost $1,700 for the animals!

Wayne Schoepke by Ellen Eldredge Tate, Karl & Carole Williams, Ward & Diane Bennett, Steven & Teresa Linus, Mark Schmitt, Bernadine Kaatz, Colleen Jowett, Colette Clifford

Ira Rebella by Audrey Germic

Abby the dog by Monica Fenhaus

Tyler Holbach by Gerald & Carol Duwe

Amy Rothmeyer by Carl & Mary Moscherosch

Alex the dog by Melody Callahan, LignoTech USA Inc

Pooie by Beatrice Lebal

Monty by Cheryl DeGyurky

Peggy Bauman by Jonathon & Joan Krohn

Sue Nass by Janet Kleinschmidt

Aldo Pezzi by Jim Connen

Arlene Stencil by Katzenbarkers Natural Pet Food & Supplies, Gordon & Judith Vesely

Sandy Weber by Janet Kleinschmidt

Joanne Wengeler by Janet Kleinschmidt

"Patch" Wrzesenski by Friends

Ripper by Kris, Izzie, & Bentlie Smith

Mary Lagerbloom by Kjersten Scofronick

Travis Barker by Andy Carlson

Tippie (Bauman) by Jerry & Susan Zastrow







2018 Statistics
January 07, 2019

We are delighted to share our annual statistics for 2018! Thank you to everyone who made this year a success! 




Strays (lost or unclaimed animals):

Cats: 278

Dogs: 148


Surrenders (animals brought in by an owner):

Cats: 243

Dogs: 66


Transfers (animals coming to LCHS from other organizations):

Cats: 31

Dogs: 79




Redeemed (animals reclaimed by an owner):

Cats: 26

Dogs: 124



Cats: 505

Dogs: 145

Other: 37


Euthanasia (due only to health or aggression issues):

Cats: 19 (3% of all incoming cats)

Dogs: 8 (2/5% of all incoming dogs)

Other: 3


Rescue (animals from LCHS being sent to other organizations): 

Cats: 44

Dogs: 24




2019 Dog Licenses
December 18, 2018

As many of you know, there will be several changes to the normal dog license procedure in 2019. The majority of dog licenses will be sold through LCHS since some municipalties and organizations will no longer be selling licenses. 

To purchase a 2019 dog license:

1. PROVIDE THE CURRENT RABIES CERTIFICATE. The required information for the county has changed and dog licenses will now need an accompanying rabies certificate to verify a current vaccine status. A license cannot be sold until a rabies certificate is provided.

2. if the rabies certificate does not verify if the dog has been spayed/neutered, please provide a spay or neuter certificate to verify the surgery has been completed. Please note - most rabies certificates should provide this information, check your dog's certificate in advance to prevent any delay in purchasing your 2019 license. 

3. until March 31, 2019 the fees will be $10 for a spayed/neutered dog and $30 for an unaltered dog. After March 31, there will be additional fees. 

4. you are still able to purchase a dog license online at https://www.furrypets.com/2012/dog-license1.php - please note, if you purchase online, we are still updating the software and you will need to email a copy of the rabies certificate to manager@furrypets.com in addition to completing the online form and payment.

November Donors
December 12, 2018

We would like to thank everyone who donated to the shelter in November! Your support resulted in more than $5,000 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home!

The Haunted Sawmill

Peggy & Bob Bauman

Faye Jean Osness

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Harry & Nancy Gladwin

Nadine Appel

Give With Liberty

Cecil Ballou

Linda Sonnentag


Richard Rauschl

Darlene Raunio

Michael Jirovec

Rick & Judith Lombard

Edward Gruett

Margaret Mercorio

Bownman Chiropractic Clinic

Jean Perkins

Network For Good


Alexandria Rowell

Shari Koval

Joanna Meagle

Mary Jaax

Roger Martens

Diana Berenz

Brewer Company

Pamela Welch

Donna Schneider

Tasha Wassink

Edward Locke

Amy Hameister




November Honorarium Donations
December 10, 2018

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in November! Your support resulted in almost $2,000 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home

Beverly Schielke by Leroy & Connie Fischer, Jerry & Kathy Mundt, Beth Ann Hanson, James & Carol Mintz, Mary Jo Rajek

Brad Price by Patrick & Jane Severt

Greg Bialecki by Scott & Linda Doerr

Darlene Bettin by Michael & Lee Harbath, Rick Neumann, Dave &  Joy Meyer, Anonymous, Bryan & Laurie Stimers, Richard Bettin, Carol Crevier, Church Mutual Insurance Company

Jerry Plautz by Debbie Alvin, Brenda Zettler

Craig Opsahl by Jean Howick

Mary Ann Rehwinkel by Kathy Petta, Mary Sleeter

Tom by Anita & Thomas Lavin

Marjorie Rajek by Mary Rajek, Michael & Beth Ann Hanson, Harlan Fausch, Scott & Amy Hanneman, Keene & Debra Robl, William & Julie Ratajczyk

Daisy the dog by W.D. & Marie Schultz

Wayne Schoepke, Sr. by Lindsay Hansen, Donna Staples

Hannah Davis by Matthew & Dawn Schumitsch

Travis Phillips by Matthew & Dawn Schumitsch

Natalie Reiter by Matthew & Dawn Schumitsch

Richelle Swan by Matthew & Dawn Schumitsch

Gillian Buckwalter by Matthew & Dawn Schumitsch

Natalya Calhoun by Matthew & Dawn Schumitsch




Open House Update
December 01, 2018

We would like to thank everyone for making our Open House a success! Today we raised almost $1,500 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! 

Holiday Open House
November 28, 2018

 Join us Saturday December 1 from 12pm-4pm for our Open House! There will be raffles, a bake sale, a jewelry silent auction, a special sale on Christmas trees & wreaths, and more! 

This will be a great opportunity to learn about volunteering, adopting, and services offered by the shelter. We will have hot apple cider and hot chocolate for you to enjoy before you go to watch the Merrill Christmas Parade! 

October Sponsors
November 12, 2018

We would like to thank the following individuals for sponsoring animals in October! 

Rusty (cat) by Melissa Kryshak-Fake

Kittens by Rachel Nawrocki

Zazzles (cat) by Sara Proulx

Autumn & Spice (cats) by Sarah Lange

Kitten by Jodi Forster

Buddy (dog) by Karen Diels 

October Donors
November 07, 2018

We would like to thank all of our October donors! Your support resulted in almost $3,000 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! 

Abbey Carr & Ryan Popilek

Elaina Koschik

Melissa Kryshak-Fake

Marianne & Lawrence Ekdahl

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Cecil Ballou

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Diane Witscheber

Bonny Graap

Nadine Appel

Lincoln Community Bank's "Jean Day"

Hilda Bukovic

Jean Fennel

Darlene Raunio

Cynthia Guenther & Janeen Laborde

Clarence Polasek

Kenneth Frakes

Give With Liberty


Don Kaminski

Aqua Finance, Inc

Rick & Judith Lombard

Jennifer Ingman

Mariann & Steve Hanig

Deloris Bauman

Marlo Montabon

Diana Berenz

Jeff Wiesneski

Pamela Welch

Angela Meyer

Tasha Wassink

Amy Hameister




October Honorarium Donations
November 05, 2018

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in October! Your support resulted in more than $2,200 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! 

Mary Anne Rehwinkel by Faye Jean Osness, Pat & Johanna Hoerstmann, Suzanne Rehwinkel, Darlene & Lyle Hotchkiss, Marie Salsieder, Sarah Schenzel Family, Sandy Marrier, Rob & Sara Grefe Family, Nila & Edgar Oestreich, Steve & Gina Leih, Mary Grefe, Julie & Jerry Hartwig, Pam & Brian Suchocki, Jerry & Lynn Marrier, 

Pilcher by Mary Moscherosch, Janet Klutterman, Network for Good (Facebook) 

Beverly Schielke by Kent & Tammy Latzig, Bob & Judy Demesy, Carl Bergman & Deborah Ristau, Barbara Hanson, Florence Kissinger, Linda Blake, Peter & Shelly Mondeik, Patrick & Susan Fisher, Grace & Steve Batchelder, Kent & Sue Johnson, Jim & Cathy Wendt, Darrel & Melissa Dengel, Chuck & Cindy Medinger, David & Daniel Jackson, Jeanine & John Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Montabon, Michael & Linda Dorgan, Esther Natzke, Julie & Scott Oland, Kim Kiernan

JJ Truckey & Roy by Friends

Sue Weith's Birthday by Thomas & Thelma Meyer, Lynn & Thomas Zentner, Russell & Mary Leyk, Ruth Heyne, Thomas & Carole Hoge

Kris Smith's Retirement by Jean Henrichs

Cindy by Ralph & Arlene Voigt

Dorothy Bergh by Thomas & Julie Berndt

Agnes Iwen by Sandra Ratkovich, Barb Plonsky Koehler

Adaline Kohrt by Mary Belter 

Buddy by Carl & Mary Moscherosch

Sas "Kia" Vanstrydonk by Vanstrydonk Construction


September Animal Sponsors
October 25, 2018

We would like to thank all of our September animal sponsors! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Saturn (cat) by Alicia Busse

Crookshanks & Kelly Marie (kittens) by Ann Dahlke

Tator (dog) by Kathy Piper, Cynthia & Patrick Barten

Snickers (dog) by Rachel Stiver

Pearl (cat) by Mark Krupinski

Kitten by Rachel Nawrocki 



Banquet Update!
October 24, 2018

We are delighted to announce that our 2018 Annual Fall Banquet raised almost $29,000 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! This money is a huge part of our annual budget and contributes to year-round care of the animals calling the shelter their temporary home. 

We would like to thank the event sponsors, volunteers, and the many businesses that donated prizes to make this event a success. We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to this year's incredible success! Thank you for our most successful Banquet so far! 

September Donors
October 23, 2018

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in September! We greatly appreciate the incredible generosity of so many people. Thank you!

Jeanne Heckman Trust

Rick & Judith Lombard

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Cecil Ballou

Merrill Steel Complex Fabrication

Lola, Evie, and Tate Klug

Connie Dobbratz

Trudy & David DeSimons

Deirdre A. Dreger

Darlene Raunio

Nadine Appel

Women Connecting

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Mary Ann Gretenhardt

Richard & Lynn Brandner

Cynthia & Patrick Barten

Marianne & Lawrence Ekdahl

Network for Good


Beatrice LEbal

Sonnentag Foundation LTD

Peter & Shelley Mondeik

Justin Mondeik

Z's Fork Horners

Diana Berenz

Pamela Welch

Alyssa Hahn

Coleen Sukow

Tasha Wassink

Amy Hameister

Rita Yaeger

Stasia Carr



September Honorarium Donations
October 22, 2018

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in September! We greatly appreciate your support! 

Ranger by Hilda Ericksen

Bryce the dog by Jerry & Susan Zastrow

Judy & Dick Ashbrenner's 50th Anniversary by Patricia & Dale Zuelsdorff

Dorothy Bergh by Laurie Bergh & Family, Lorraine & Paul Smith, Scott & Rebecca Mackin, Judith Anger, Theresa Garcia Radloff, Nancy Wickens, Paul & Suellen Bergh 

Otis Humphrey by Ron & Malinda Burrow 

Emma Thorson by Scott & Renee Osness

Kris Smith by Church Mutual Employees

William E. Blemke by Cattle Rescue, Inc

John Koehler by Beverly Dietz

Morgan Escherich by Beverly Dietz

Diane Gulke by Mary Bauman 

Mary Ann Rehwinkel by Harriet Rehwinkel

Pilcher by Darla Sann, Ken & Tiffany Tupa, Nicole Lenhart, David Deates-Armon, Kathleen Deates, Caitlyn Bernhard, Sandra Winter



Cold weather and Kittens!
October 12, 2018

With the weather getting cooler, quicker than most of us would like, kittens become resourceful when it comes to keepng warm. This means cars especially engine bay areas, so the next time you're about to leave and have your car warmed up, tap the hood before you go the kittens will thank you!

Banquet Prizes 10/9!
October 09, 2018

 We have even more awesome prizes coming in for our Annual Fall Banquet on October 13! Thanks to all of the businesses and volunteers that help make our Fall Banquet a success! 

August Donors
September 28, 2018

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in August! We greatly appreciate the generosity of so many wonderful people.

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Marianne & Lawrence Ekdahl

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Darlene Raunio

Mary Jaax

Cecil Ballou

Midwest Dental

Hilda Bukovic

Olivia & Sophia Kiser 

Summer Gaedtke

Ellen Anderson

Richard Rossiter


Gigi Heinz (Be Well Yoga)

Gail Wogsland

Rosemarie McMillin

T.B. Scott Free Library

Robin Norton & Laura Wind-Norton

Joan Crawford

Town of Schley

Give With Liberty

Network for Good

Nadine Appel

David Smith Jr

Harrison Hills Charity Fund

Linda Krueger

Diana Berenz

Mike Vonya Ellsworth

Pamela Welch

Tasha Wassink

Amy Hameister

Jean & Lee Wuethrich in honor of Badger the dog 

Banquet Sponsors
September 27, 2018

We would like to thank the following organizations for sponsoring our upcoing Fall Banquet on October 13! Without sponsors, our Fall Banquet would not exist. Thank you, sponsors, for contributing to our largest fundraiser of the year! 

Clabough & Associate of Merrill, Inc

Stifel Nicolaus


The Roc, LLC

Merrill Sheet Metal Works

Arnott Plumbing

Stewart Optical

Peaceful Pines Pet Memorials Inc

Merrill Manufacturing Corporation

Krueger Plumbing LLC

Taylor Insulation Company

Podeweltz Repair Service LLC

Scaffidi Truck Center

Premier Heating & Cooling

Fuzzy's Auto

Stik Um' Graphics Designs

 BRB Autobody 

Auto Jockey's LLC

Intercity State Bank

Tomahawk Live Trap LLC

Packaging Corporation of America

Surgical Associates, LLC

Breaman Merrill Ford

Finnegan Construction

Church Mutual Insurance Company

Waid Funeral Home

Tomhawk Community Bank

CoVantage Credit Union

Paw Health Network Inc

Intercity State Bank

Nicolet National Bank

Tomahawk Live Trap LLC

Eyecare Center of Wausau LLC

Schenck SC

Osswald Lawn Care & Maintenance

Mariann & Steve Hanig

Harmony Hills Pet Resort LLC

K-9 Elementary 

Julie Osness-Thorson

Knab Insurance Agency Inc

KB Body Shop

Les & Jim's Lincoln Lanes

Auto Jockey's LLC

Animal House Pet Care & Training

Mobile Warehouse LLC

Cloverbelt Credit Union

Prehn Dental Office LLC

E & H Automotive LLC

Massage by Marla

Canine Adventures, LLC

Greg's Gruett's Appliance LLC

Russell & Nancy Putnam

Park City Realty 


Banquet Prizes 9/25!
September 25, 2018

We would like to thank the following sponsors for donating prizes for our upcoming Fall Banquet on October 13! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Tomahawk's Touch of Gold - Crystal Spinner Silver Necklace (value $39)

Lions Lair Tattoo LLc - $40 gift certificate

Lee's Piggly Wiggly - $25 gift certificate

Thank you, August Animal Sponsors!
September 24, 2018

We would like to thank everyone who sponsored a shelter animal's adoption fee in August! We greatly appreciate your support! 


Lucy Lou & Crookshanks by Kati Gille

Sweets by Kris Ziegler

Zeus by Tona Hanrahan

Poco by Jacklyn Shen

Misty by Shawn & Stacy Hagenbucher

Rusty by Brittany Drake

Bailey & Misty by Jessie Nedi 

Stray Kitten by Brittany Olson

Drake & Ruby by Rogene Janik



Ruby by Jacob Leiterman

Hope by Patricia Brown

Gus by Jerry Szepanski


August Honorarium Donations
September 21, 2018

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in August! Your support helped to raise more than $1,000 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! 

Gene Weith by Susanne Chier

Diane Gulke by Joanne Drew

Dorothy Malm by Lori Leverenz, Gerald & Jacqueline Johnson 

Sylvia Lemon by Judy Elliott

Delores Heise by Debra Heise-Clark

Diane Hanke by Everett & JoAnn Rogers

Karin Kennedy by James & Judith Rau 

Bryce the dog by Hilda Bukovic, Peggy & Bob Bauman

Phillip Mattson by Don & Julane Schulist-Peterson, Russ & Sue Shrieber, Meredith Peterson

Sallee Krueger by Todd & Angelia Johnson, Ralph & Arlene Voigt, Wayne & Virginia & Christopher Voigt, Jason & Sandy Krueger 

Adopted Kitty by Stephanie Feldner

Ella Boucher Haugen by Eric Schram & Liz Friedenfels 

Banquet Donations!
September 18, 2018

We are incredibly grateful for all of the amazing donations coming in for Banquet Prizes! We would like to thank Nancy Putnam for donating the gift baskets, Breaman Merrill Ford for donating the gift cards & sponsoring the event, and Weinbrenner for donating a gift certificate for $250 Thorogood Footwear! We are also incredibly excited about the signed 2017 Packer Football! We hope to see you all at the Fall Banquet! 


Banquet Prizes!
September 14, 2018

 We have some awesome Fall Banquet prizes coming in! We hope to see you at Les & Jim's Lincoln Lanes on October 13! Tickets are on sale for $40/each and that includes dinner, a door prize, and entry into the main prize drawing! 

Thank you, Banquet Sponsors!
September 13, 2018


We would like to thank the following sponsors for donating prizes for our upcoming Fall Banquet on October 13th!


Fantastic Sam's

Holiday Gas Station

Iron Raven Tattoo

Thank you, Brad's Guide Service!
September 11, 2018

 We would like to thank Brad's Guide Service for donating a half-day guided fishing trip for two! This gift certificate will be used as a prize at our upcoming Fall Banquet on October 13!

For more information about Brad's Guide Service, check www.bradsguideservice.com


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