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Featured Pets




Paw Point Donors
April 17, 2017

We would like to thank everyone who donated to LCHS through Fresh Step Paw Points Program! If you purchase Fresh Step cat litter, you can enter the promotional donation code at:


LCHS is then able to redeem the points in order to receive great items for the kitties calling LCHS their temporary home. In the past, our kitties have enjoyed toys, cat fountains, and cat nip.

Thanks to the following donors!

3/29/17 Beth - 500 Points

2/16/17 Randalyn - 400 Points

12/2/16 Ginny - 270 Points

11/3/16 Beth - 200 Points

10/13/16 Sue - 345 Points

10/12/16 Beth - 695 Points

7/15/16 Billy - 500 Points

3/26/16 Debbie - 1000 Points

2/20/16 Beth - 500 Points

2/20/16 Ginny - 200 Points

1/16/16 Billy - 500 Points

Thrivent Donors 4/6/17
April 06, 2017

We would like to thank the following Thrivent Choice Donors! Their support amounted to more than $1,100 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home!

Deirdre Dreger

Gerald Gilliard

Dawn & Dennis Gourlie

Heidi Jackson

Carole Janik

Mark Mattke

Jeffrey Tessier


Purchase Dog Licenses by 3/31
March 27, 2017

There is less than a week remaining to purchase dog licenses before any late fees apply! To purchase a dog license, your dog must be up to date on the rabies vaccine. You can stop by LCHS any time during open hours (12pm-5pm Monday - Friday, 12pm-4pm Saturday, and 12pm-2pm Sunday - please note we are closed Tuesday March 28th) to purchase a dog license.

Please provide the rabies tag number and expiration date. As long as your license is purchased by March 31, the fee will be $10 for a spayed/neutered dog or $30 for an unaltered dog.

As of April 1, the fee will be $25 for a spayed/neutered dog and $65 for an unaltered dog. 

February Donors
March 26, 2017

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in February!


Jefferson Elementary School

Cecil Ballou

Elizabeth Vehlow

Health Touch Spa & Peaceful Pet Groomer

Christine & George Brahos

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

John Schaffer

Fran Jeske

Nadine Appel

Marianne & Lawrence Ekdahl

Kenneth & Marian Attoe

Mark & Catherine Krupinski

Monica Fenhaus

Ronald & Louise Stephens

Philip & Virginia Giese

Town of King

Pamela Welch

Tasha Wassink

Jean Habeck

Elona Holdhusen

Jessica Gutknecht

Adam Moscherosch

Reid Badeau

Innovations Hair Studio LLC

Jason Pahl

WC Bradley CO

Church Mutual Insurance Company

Duane & Rebecca Yorde

Donna & Eugene Block

Jerome Fiene

Edward Gruett

Kris & Jim Lokemoen

Connie & Andrew Schaper

Tony Kulawinski

Shirley Egger

Suzanne Rehwinkel

Jason & Tanya Wyland

Duwayne & Diane Kleinschmidt

James Prince

Jonathan Ruchman

Michelle Fure






February Memorials & Honorariums
March 20, 2017

Thank you to everyone who donated in honor or memory of a loved one in February!


William Morris by Reid Badeau, Innovations Hair Studio LLC, WC Bradley Co., Jonathan Ruchman, James Prince

Tassy Sobotka by Jason Pahl

Walter Loeffelad by Donna & Eugene Block, Jerome Fiene, Duane & Rebecca Yorde

Kay Marie Gruett by Edward Gruett, Kris & Jim Lokemoen, Tony Kulawinski, Shirley Egger, Suzanne Rehwinkel,        Duwayne & Diane Kleinschmidt, Michelle Fure

Chloe Belant's 11th Birthday by Jason & Tanya Wyland

Carl Mahn by Church Mutual Insurance Company

Patience Zwicky by Connie & Andrew Schaper

There I was... Living the Dream Benefit
March 17, 2017

We would like to thank the family of Matthew Zocher for their incredible support and generous donation of more than $3,000! This link will take you to the message from Matthew's family - www.furrypets.com/2012/our-story.php

2017 Paws For Love
March 13, 2017

We would like to thank the following businesses for their support with our Annual Paws for Love Campaign! Together, these businesses raised $2,828 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! A huge shout-out goes to Dave's County Market for selling $584 worth of Paws! Our second shout-out goes to Chip's for their amazing efforts to sell $443! Thank you all!

Tomahawk Furniture & Gun


Eagle's Club

Dave's County Market

River Valley Bank

Utopia Salon

Waves Salon

Associated Bank

BMO Harris



Merrill Shell

First Street Coffee Station

Nelson's County Market

B's Club 107

Holiday - Hwy 64

S & S Bar

Cracker Barrel

Tomahawk Family Restaurant

Merrill Federal

Los Mezcales

Avenue Bar


Billy Bob's

Salon Envie

Holiday - Center Ave

Parkway Pub

Gleason Bowling Alley

Tomahawk Feed Mill

Tomahawk Shell

Friendship House


Trophy Bar

Pine Tree Supper Club

Engraved Pavers for $100!
March 10, 2017

LCHS is ready to "think spring!" As we prepare for warmer temperatures, we are kicking off the season by temporarily offering Engraved Pavers for $100!

Each paver is an 8 x 8 laser engraved red brick. There can be up to 8 lines with 21 characters per line. All pavers are engraved with capital letters to ensure high visibility.

The pavers are placed in front of our building. As more are ordered, they will be placed in various areas of our yard.


Shop at Amazon to Support LCHS!
March 06, 2017

 Remember to shop at smile.amazon.com and Amazon will donate to LCHS!


AmazonSmile Link:



Contact Northwoods Wildlife Center for Wildlife Advice
March 03, 2017

Since spring is almost here, we'd like to remind everyone to contact Northwoods Wildlife Center at 715-356-7400 if you have found wildlife that may be injured or orphaned. They have tons of great suggestions on how to determine if an animal is truly in need of help.

Check out their website at: http://northwoodswildlifecenter.org/

So There I was Livin' the Dream Benefit
March 03, 2017

Please join us for a fundraising event in celebration of Matt's 30th birthday!

Kicking off the event will be an ice fishing tournament on Lake Alice in TOmahawk from 10-4:30pm with a prize for the child who catches the largest fish each of the 3 categories (Northern, Walleye, Pan Fish). Matt loved the outdoors and ice fishing was one of his favorite pasttimes.

The tournament will be followed by an informal barbeque meal and half barrel at Pine Pointe Resort.

There will also be raffles ending at 4pm, winners announced at 5 with proceeds benefitting the Lincoln County Humane Society in Matt's Memory. Unbeknownst to his family until after his passing, Matt was a volunteer at an animal shelter as he had a great love for any and all animals. Any additional donations are welcome and will also be contributed to the Humane Society. To end the celebration a Chinese Lantern send-off will begin at 5:30pm to honor Matt.

Please RSVP to the event with the number of people who will be attending. You can find more info https://www.facebook.com/events/1821426418126545


CLOSED February 12
February 12, 2017

We will be closed Sunday February 12. We will resume normal business hours on February 13 from 12pm-5pm.

Paws for Love Businesses
February 10, 2017

We would like to thank all of the local businesses that are hosting the "Paws" as part of our annual campaign! The support of these businesses and their employees have helped LCHS to raise over $800 so far!

Tomahawk Furniture & Gun

Eagle's Club

Dave's County Market

River Valley Bank - Merrill & Tomahawk branches

Skipper's Restaurant

Utopia Salon

Waves Slaon

Associated Bank

BMO Harris



Shell Gas Station

First Street Coffee Station

Pet-I-Cure Grooming

Nelson's County Market

B's Club 107

Holiday (Center Ave & Hwy 64 stores)


S & S Bar

Cracker Barrel

Tomahawk Family Restaurant

Merrill Federal

Los Mezcales

Avenue Bar


Billy Bob's

Salon Envie

Gleason Bowling Alley

Tomahawk Feed Mill

Shell - Tomahawk

Friendship House


Trophy Bar

Our Wish List
February 08, 2017

We are running low on a few items here at the shelter and any help would be very much appreciated!

Wish List

13 gallon garbage bags

Dryer sheets

Kitten Food



Thank you to anyone who can help us out!!


Honorarium Donations
February 03, 2017

Thanks to everyone who donated in honor of a loved one!

Turner Zettelmeier by Rev. James & Susan Weiland, Tom Long, Susan Bartkiewicz, Ken & Tracy Zettlemeier, Michael & Beth Ann Hanson, Faye Osness, Barbara Hanson

Adi Boo by Debbie Alvin


Buddy by Russ & Carol Mancl

Jeanette Zimick by Laurie Sales, Sharon Perry Batterman

Helen Fredrea by Carol Osness

Mary Lagerbloom by Lise Skofronick

Snow the Cat by Carol Osness

Bill Storm by Bill Wengler – Acorn Forestry Consulting

Robert Balz by Carol & Fritz Pester

Betty, Bob, & Eric by Clabough & Associates of Merrill Inc

Linda Hertel by Greg Warren

Ruth Wengeler by Dianne Belling

Roger Peck by Sally Weix Wiley, Brady Peck

Arthur “Bud” Taylor by James & Dallas Ashbrenner, Mark Taylor

Pat Hanson by Fred & Carol Pester

Vito by Brenda Zettler, Debbie Alvin

Pat Hanson by Debbie Alvin, Brenda Zettler

Rob Rothmeyer by Penny Callahan

Blue by Larry & Colleen Woller, Jameson Gerdes

Robin by Ken & Tracy Zettelmeier

June Wais by Mariann & Steve Hanig

Daisy (Jennifer Ingman) by Laurel & Ben Hollis

Warren Latzig by Judy Elliott

Bill Laehn by Faye Semling

Delores Stickler by Terri Marten

Nikki (Peggy & Bob Bauman) by Jerry & Susan Zastrow

Sue Weith by Russell & Mary Leyk, Richard & Brenda Mamer, Lynn & Thomas Zentner, Ruth Heyne

Ruth Rinne by Kent & Deirdre Rinne

Herbert & Alice Hintz by Hintze’s

Maizey May by John & Delores Crowley

Vera & Don Leitzke by Maxine & Jay Tlusty

Marge & Rich Tlusty by Maxine & Jay Tlusty

Franny by Kittie & John Crossen

Ben (Neumann Family) by Joseph Heitz & Jennifer Engstad-Heitz

Weber (Verdoorn Family) by Joseph Heitz & Jennifer Engstad-Heitz

Paul Kuntz by Brent Roberts

Andy & Lisa Carlson by Carl & Barbara Carlson

Amanda Iattoni by Matthew & Mariah Solchenberger

Nicole Herschberger by Family

Alice Rosina Kasper by Clint Kasper

Justin Hilton by Cathy Henderson

MC Betting by Richard & Darlene Bettin

Jane McCarthy by Terry & Susan Marth

Morgan by Mary Jo & Jay Schnur

Kodie Smith by Phynette or Vincent Conrad

Al Saeger by Carl & Mary Moscherosch

Tabby by Merrill Veterinary Clinic

Shirley Johnson by Kristin Calhoun & Chad Stockinger

Kjersten Skofornick by David Blade

Annetta Marie Berndt by Connie & Andrew Schaper

Cold Weather Tips for Pets
January 23, 2017

Cold weather is as difficult for animals as it is for people. When the weather is below freezing, the Lincoln County Humane Society highly recommends keeping your pets indoors. Being outdoors in freezing temperatures is a huge health risk to pets, and causes severe stress.

But if you must keep your pets outdoors, please follow these recommendations to help keep them safe and comfortable.


1.    Feed high quality foods with essential fatty acids to help outdoor dogs and cats maintain a thick coat of fur in the winter. Some veterinarians even recommend adding canola oil, soybean oil, or butter or fish oils directly to the dry food a pet receives. Check with your local veterinarian to see what’s safe and most beneficial to your pet.

2.    Increase food supply, especially protein, to help keep a healthy weight. If your pet is overweight, this is not recommended.

3.    Provide a heated water bowl for pets. Eating snow is not enough to prevent dehydration and it will cause hypothermia more quickly because it drops your pet’s body temperature.

4.    Don’t use metal bowls for food or water because your pet’s tongue may stick to the metal.

5.    Check frequently to make sure the water and food aren’t frozen.


1.    Make sure all pets, but especially, senior or arthritic pets have thick beds to in a warm area to keep their joints from hurting more.

2.    Keep beds off of concrete or the floor. 

3.    Use straw for bedding instead of towels, blankets, and newspaper which retain cold and moisture.

4.    Make sure your pet has an insulated house. It should be large enough for the animal to stand and turn but not too large or it won’t help conserve body heat.

5.    The pet’s house should be kept a few inches off the ground and covered with straw. The opening should be facing away from the wind and there should be a plastic cover on the door.


1.    Make sure your pet’s fur is free of matts and burrs. Matted fur won’t protect as well from the cold.

2.    Don’t use regular road salt near your pet, make sure to have a pet safe variety to prevent injury and irritation on delicate paw pads.

Closed Sunday January 22nd
January 21, 2017

We will be closed Sunday January 22nd. We will reopen Monday at noon.

LCHS Closed 1/19/17
January 18, 2017

LCHS will be closed January 19 for The Fix Is In. We will resume normal business hours at 12pm on Friday.

Annual Statistics
January 13, 2017

LCHS is delighted to announce our statistics from 2016! We want to thank all our donors and supporters who have made this possible. Without your help, LCHS could not be successful. Be proud of all we have accomplished together! 


Cats 592

Dogs 125

Other (fish, turtles, mice, snakes, lizards, etc) 39


Rescue (animals being transferred from LCHS to another animal welfare organization to be placed for adoption)

Cats - 48

Dogs - 14

Other (fish, turtles, mice, rabbits, lizards, frogs, wildlife, etc) - 95


Redeemed (animals being reclaimed by an owner after being brought to LCHS as a stray)

Cats - 42

Dogs - 104

Other - 4






2017 Dog Licenses Available!
December 30, 2016

Reminder! Dog licenses must be purchased by March 31st or there are additional fees. LCHS sells dog licenses any time during our open hours. To purchase a dog license, we need the owner info, the dog info, and the rabies tag number, and the rabies expiration date. If you do not have a tag number or expiration date, you can contact your vet for that information. A license cannot be sold without a current rabies vaccine.


Spayed/Neutered Dog $10 Each

Unaltered Dog $30


As of April 1st:

Spayed/Neutered Dog $25

Unaltered Dog $65


Please note, if you dog is brought to LCHS as a stray, we do require proof of a current license or a license must be purchased before the dog can leave the shelter. If you dog is unlicensed, you can face an initial fine of $105.10. The second time a dog is found without a license, the charge is $199.60.



Thank you, Tomahawk High School Varsity Club
December 13, 2016

The Lincoln County Humane Society would like to thank the Tomahawk High School Varsity Club for their support! The Varsity Club hosted a charity night at their boy's basketball game on December 9th. The Club offered a free t-shirt to anyone that brought a donation for the shelter! The Varsity Club raised more than $450 in cash and an entire van-load of supplies for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! Thank you so much!

Pictured: Jackie Elliot, Jordyn Kaminski, Jameson & Jaylyn, and Liz from LCHS

Ingman's Parkway Pub Chili Cook Off
December 09, 2016

Saturday, December 17 at 1 PM - 5 PM

433 S Tomahawk Ave, Tomahawk, Wisconsin 54487

(715) 224-3449


2nd Annual Chili Cook Off Fundraiser
December 17th, 2016

FREE to enter the competion!
Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and your name on our chili cook off plaque that is displayed here at the bar.

We still have spaces available if you would like to enter.
***DEADLINE is December 10th, 2016***

Cost is $8.00 to sample each chili and vote for your favorite!
*** RAFFLES ***

All proceeds are donated to Burd's Backpack Program, Lincoln County Humane Society, and Friends Ride With Friends

Skipper's Christmas Trees & Wreaths
December 05, 2016

Skipper's Restaurant in Merrill will be hosting opening their Christmas Tree & Wreath lot soon! For several years, Skipper's has donated ALL of the proceeds from their tree lot to the Lincoln County Humane Society and we are incredibly grateful for their support once again this year. 

Wreaths are available now, you can call Rick to reserve one today! The tree lot will open on November 25 and will be open for Skipper's Restaurant regular hours (Tuesday - Thursday 7am-3pm, Friday - Saturday 6am-3pm, Sunday 7am-2pm). Rick will also be keeping the tree lot open after the restaurant's regular hours. If you have any questions or want to confirm an after-hour time to go pick out your Christmas tree, please call Skipper's Restaurant at 715-536-9914 or 715-212-3276. 

2017 Membership
December 01, 2016

We would like to thank all of our supporters who have renewed their 2017 Membership! We are incredibly grateful for your continued support!

Trina Ford

Donald Paroubek

Jennifer Ingman

Carl & Mary Moscherosch

Catherine LeMay-Brown & Richard Brown

Barb Hanson

Thank you, Church Mutual!
November 10, 2016

We would like to thank Church Mutual Employees for their amazing support! Church Mutual recently held a "Jean Day" and shared the proceeds with Lincoln County Humane Society and Marathon County Humane Society. LCHS received $802 as a result of their generosity!

Pictured in the photo are as follows:

From left to right: Melissa Schwab, Christy Cordova, Promise Lohse, Liz Friedenfels of the Lincoln County Humane Society, Rose Skic, Rita Brickheimer, and Shirley Dirleth.


September & October Aluminum Can Donations
October 31, 2016

Thanks to everyone who donated aluminum cans in September & October! Your support resulted in $3,797.88 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home!

You can donate aluminum cans at 4 different locations to support the animals of the shelter!

1. The can donation bin in the LCHS parking lot at our new building

2. Schulz's Recycling in Merrill (specify the money is designated for LCHS)

3. Tomahawk Iron & Metal (specify the money is designated for LCHS)

4. Hometown Feed Mill in Tomahawk

Our thanks to Schulz's Recycling, Tomahawk Iron & Metal, and Hometown Feed Mill for your support as donation locations! And a thanks to the staff of Schulz's Recycling for donating their time to pick up the cans from LCHS!


4th Annual Craft, Gift, & Bake Sale
October 24, 2016

Saturday October 29th from 9am-3pm there will be a craft, gift, and bake sale at the Pine River Town Hall (N1647 Deer Run Avenue, Merrill). Our wonderful supporter, Peggy, will be at the Town Hall with a table of items. All the proceeds at Peggy's table will be donated to LCHS. If you have any questions, please call 715-966-3545.

Church Mutual Employees Jean Day
October 17, 2016

Church Mutual is offering a "Jean Day" to its employees on Friday October 21st! It's $5 per employee and all of the money raised will be split between Lincoln County Humane Society and the Humane Society of Marathon County! 

Help Needed!
October 14, 2016

LCHS is currently overflowing with animals. Today we have 85 cats and 12 dogs in our care.

We are running an adoption special for animals that have been with us for 2 weeks or longer:

Dogs - $40 (includes spay/neuter, distemper combo vaccine and booster, rabies vaccine, microchip with registration, and certified vet inspection)

Cats - $20 (includes spay/neuter, distemper combo vaccine and booster, rabies vaccine, microchip with registration and feline leukemia test)

Kittens - $50 (includes spay/neuter, distemper combo vaccine and booster, microchip with registration, and feline leukemia test)

We are also in DESPERATE need of dog walkers and people to socialize cats. As the population at the shelter increases, so does the stress level fo rthe animals. Even 20 minutes for one of our shelter pets can help reduce anxiety and depression for them.

Thank you, Fall Banquet Supporters!
October 09, 2016

We would like to thank everyone who donated, volunteered, and sponsored our 7th Annual Fall Banquet! We are incredibly grateful to our community's support for this amazing annual event. We will post a total of the amount raised as soon as possible.

2016 Fall Banquet Sponsors
October 05, 2016

We would like to thank the following sponsors! Their support of the these sponsors allows us to have a hugely successful event each year!

Fuzzy's Auto

Central Wisconsin Firearms

Prehn Dental Office LLC

Mobile Warehouse LLC

E & H Automotive LLC

Canine Adventures LLC

Eyecare Center of Wausau LLC

KB Body Shop

Again & Again Resale

Merrill Manufacturing Corporation

Auto Jockey's LLC

Greg's Gruett Appliance LLC

Massage by Marla (Marla Van Wie)

Osswald Lawn Care

Kwik Trip

Surgical Associates S.C.

Animal House Pet Care & Training

Scaffidi Truck Center

Vanstrydonk Construction LLC

Merrill Sheet Metal Works, INC

Premier Heating & Cooling


Merrill Vet Clinic

Marathon Town & Country Store

Peaceful Pines Pet Memorials, Inc

Krueger Plumbing LLC

Knab Insurance Company

Merrill Federal Savings & Loan

Clabough & Associates of Merrill

Waid Funeral Home

Park City Realty

Packaging Corporation of America

Runyon Law Offices, LLC

Lincoln County Bank

Wisconsin Valley Veterinary Services

Mutual of Wausau Insurance

Park City Credit Union

Brickner's Park City Inc

Intercity State Bank

Mark Larson Agency - Farmer's Insurance

Tomahawk Area Glass

Per Mar Security Services

Tomahawk Shell

Nicolet National Bank

Church Mutual Insurance Company

Tomahawk Live Trap

Schult's Country Inn

Richard & Sharon Schmidt

Russell & Nancy Putnam

River Valley Bank

Ballweg Toyota of Wausau

Podeweltz Repair Services

Merrill Dairy Queen

Alan Iattoni Masonry

Lynn Kern 

Patrick & Holly Novesky

Kim's BS Sauce

Skipper's Restaurant

August Honorariums
September 21, 2016

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor or memory of a loved one in August. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Gale Kass by Jan Puryear, Kim Kass

Roger Paul by Kelly Paul, Edward & Diane Chartier

Jim Ullman by Terrence & Rebecca Garske

Ray Osness by Patrick & Johanna Hoerstmann

Smoke the Cat by Merrill Veterinary Clinic

Scout the Cat by Colleen & Larry Woller

Cy Salsieder by Mariann & Steve Hanig

Sheryl Wedler by Barbara Hanson

Ruby Janik's 6th Birthday

Erin Schlichter's Birthday 




Bake Sale Update
September 16, 2016

We would like to thank everyone who donated baked goods for our Annual Fall Ride Bake Sale on 9/15! With your support, we raised $667! And a huge thanks to Nelson's County Market for allowing us to have our sale in their lot. Great work, Jim & Sally!

Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes
September 13, 2016

The @Petco Foundation announced its Holiday Wishes grant campaign, giving the Lincoln County Humane Society the opportunity to receive $100,000 but we need your help! If you adopted your pet from us, share your story about how your adopted pet brings you more joy each day. And get this, if we're selected for the grand prize you will receive $1,000 @Petco gift card! Submit your story about how your adopted pet changed your life here: http://bit.ly/holidaywishes2016. #HolidayWishes

Raffle Winners
September 11, 2016

We would like to thank everyone who purchased a raffle ticket over the summer! Congratulations to the following winners:

1st Prize - Beth Hoss

2nd Prize - Stu Lebo

3rd Prize - Janet Reiss

September 09, 2016

We would like to thank the generous donors at UnitedHealth Group, UnitedHealthcare, and Optum who made financial contributions to the Lincoln County Humane Society! We greatly appreciate the support of the following donors!

Beth Warren

Calla Sowinski

Carie Truckey

Cheryl Brown

Christina Bennington

Christine Eder

Deborah Draper

Jessica Krolow

Justin Kuester

Kerri Olson

Kimberly Rabus

Kristina Velasquez

Leah Zastrow

Leanne Froebel

Peggy Zimick

Sarah Smith

Tracey Anderson 

Banquet Ticket Discount!
September 06, 2016

BANQUET TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! We are getting ready for our Annual Fall Banquet and tickets are now on sale. 


This year, if you purchase your tickets before September 19, the tickets will cost $30 each instead of $40. After September 19, the price will return to the standard fee. Stop by LCHS to purchase your tickets today!

Barn Kitties Needing Homes!
September 02, 2016

LCHS often has barn kitties available for appropriate barn homes. Barn kitties may be friendly but have issues that make them unable to live in indoor homes (declawed cats will not be sent as barn kitties) or may be shy and nervous around people. All kitties sent into barn homes will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated for rabies (if old enough), vaccinated for distemper, and given preventative treatment for ear mites or worms. There is no fee to adopt a barn kitty but barn homes must provide food and water for the cats every day and offer an indoor shelter for cats to escape the elements.

If you would like to adopt a barn kitty, please call us at 715-536-3459 or email manager@furrypets.com. If we do not have a barn kitty at the time you contact us, we can put you on a waiting list for future barn kitties.

July Honorarium Donations
August 30, 2016

Thank you to everyone who donated in honor or memory of a loved one in July! Your support is greatly appreciated!


Johnathon by Julie Gabler

Sylvester the cat by Carol Osness

Rolland Sickels by Peggy & Bob Bauman

Ryder Hanig by Mariann & Steve Hanig

Pete Natzke by Phynette & Vincent Conrad

Boogie Luedtke by Phynette & Vincent Conrad

Richard Lowery by Margaret Lowery

Matty the dog by Margaret Lowery

Heidi the dog by Arthur & Mary Jobs

Louie & George by Arthur & Mary Jobs

Marlene Woellner by Mary Ann Abraham, Karen Caruso, David & Mary Jo Beyer, Julie & Tony Hartwig, Jeff & Jenny Beyer, Bob & Wendy Lass

George Japke by Barbara Hanson

Ray Osness by Raymond & Darlene Osness, Patrick & Johanna Hoerstmann, Patricia Travis

Jasmine by Peggy & Bob Bauman

Jane Livingston-Ballou by Cecil Ballou

National Dog Day Adoption Special
August 26, 2016

In honor of National Dog Day, LCHS will be offeringt a $40 adoption special on all of our dogs through Sunday! The standard adoption applicanoi and process will still be required.

Adult Cat Adoption Fee - $20!!!
August 05, 2016

All of our adult cats are on special right now for $20! We have several wonderful kitties that need a little extra help finding a forever family so adoption fees are temporarily reduced to help them find new homes! 

Thank you, Skutak Dental!
July 15, 2016

We would like to thank Dr. Lisa Skutak of Skutak Dental (www.skutakdental.com) for sponsoring a commercial to help Diesel find a home! Dr. Skutak personally covered all of the expenses for the commercial and spent an entire afternoon at the park so Diesel could swim and play. Thank you, Dr. Lisa and WSAW Channel 7 for creating such a great promotion for Diesel.

The Fix Is In
July 11, 2016

Monthly surgeries at LCHS! You must call 715-550-7729 to set an appointment. 
Spay or neuter surgery with free rabies vaccination, nail trim and ear cleaning at time of surgery.

Female dog - $100
Male dog - $85
Heavy dog fee (60+ pounds) - $20
Female cat - $50
Male cat - $40

Distemper vaccination (FVRCP or DHAPP) - $10
Additional take home pain medication - $15
E-collar/Recovery cone - $5
Microchip (with lifetime registration & updates) - $20
Hernia Repair - $20
Retained Testicle - $20
Cat carrier box - $5
715-550-SPAY (7729)



ID Tags are Vital!
July 05, 2016


Top 5 Reasons to Protect Your Pets with External Identification Tags

By PawNews On April 15, 2013 ·

The ASPCA did a major study on pet ID tags and found that though 80% of pet parents believe that external identification is important, only 33% report actually putting tags on their pets.  What’s going on?  If you aren’t aware of why it is SO important to have an external ID on your pet…read on…

1.    1 in 3 pets will become lost in their lifetime (American Humane Association) and without proper identification, 90% of pets never make it back home (Found Animals Foundation)

Yes...even indoor kitties need external ID tags to keep them safe.

2.   Even if you have a strictly “indoor” pet…disasters, accidents and all sorts of unforeseen events will happen–it only takes one time. With less than 2% of cats and 20% of dogs coming back home safely…is it worth the risk?

3.   Anyone can read an external ID tag. Even if your pet is microchipped, they must be taken to a shelter or veterinarian to be scanned, and not all microchips can be read by all scanners. However, some new cutting-edge external ID tags, like PetHub QR ID tags even have multiple ways they can help pets get home and link to online profiles that can be changed at any time.

4.  Many people won’t pick up an animal without a collar on. They think “that’s a stray dog or feral cat.” But an animal with a collar & external ID tag…that’s a pet, someone’s family member, and folks are much more likely to stop and try to help the animal get home.

5.  Style, baby.  There are literally hundreds of styles of tags, in a wide range of prices, out there to fit you and your pet’s personality.  From princess to sports dog and from hipster to goof…there’s a fabulous ID tag out there for every pet & budget.

Firework Safety for Pets
July 01, 2016

Did you know July 5th is the busiest day of the year at most shelters? Fireworks terrify many animals, even normally calm pets.

Keep your pets safe. Keep them at home, indoors wtih no possible escape routes through windows or doors. We also recommend playing soft music or leaving a television set playing in the background.

If you are on vacation with your pet, make sure you have your pet secured in a safe area. Confirm that your pet's microchip is registered and you have an identification tag on your pet. In a pinch, purchase a collar from The Dollar Tree and write your phone number on it with a permanent marker.

June 30, 2016

LCHS will be closed Sunday, July 3 and Monday, July 4. We will resume our normal business hours on Tuesday, July 5. If you have an animal related emergency during this time, please call the local Sheriff's Department at 715-536-6272. 

Successful Kid's Club Event
June 27, 2016

We would like to thank Steve & Kimberly for the wonderful Kid's Club Event last Saturday! Steve & Kimberly are exotic animal experts and enjoy sharing their passion with others. Their program introduced the kids to a variety of frogs, a newt, and a lungfish. They also provided a ton of educatinoal information about taking care of the animals, as well as information about how to save the creatures in the wild. Thank you, Steve & Kimberly! Everyone had a great time! 

June 24, 2016

We are asking anyone considering surrendering their pet to please call LCHS in advance. Our cat kennels are almost overflowing and any advance notice about a pet being surrendered is appreciated.

Merrill on the Move Walk-a-Thon
May 22, 2016

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for yesterday's 5K! The weather was beautiful and we raised more than $1,600! We would like to thank Deb (pictured with her two Beagles) for working so hard to get $264 in pledges! And a huge thank you to Clabough & Associates, Aspirus, Merrill Iron & Steel, Kwik Trip, and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans for sponsoring our event!

April Honorariums
May 16, 2016

Thanks to everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in April!

Eleanor Bandyk by Chris & Don Kosmicki

Al Beaudry by Jody Zuelsdorff-Hamerla

Gloria Weber by Jutee Lohff

Joyce Osness by Tammy Marone

Kitty Cimino by Merrill Veterinary Clinic

Pam Seis by Fraternal Order of Eagles, Don Wachsmuth, Mr. & Mrs. John Muhvich, Phynette & Vincent Conrad

Ranger by Ralph & Arlene Voigt, Ralph & Tina Voigt

Marlowe Roeder by Jutee Lohff

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