Policies and Procedures

LCHS Adoption Procedure

Here is our adoption procedure. This document outlines the basic steps involved in adopting an animal from us. We are comitted to fighting the epidemic of pet overpopulation by insisting every animal be spayed or neutered, either by us (in some cases) or by the prospective adopter.

LCHS Animal Surrender Procedure

We understand that there are some times in life when pet owners are forced to give up their animals. While there are other options, sometimes surrendering an animal to the shelter is the only option available. Please read about our animal surrender policy and procedure.

LCHS Pet Sponsorship Program

This document describes an exciting new program, designed to help our supporters gain maximum visibility. It's also a program that provides a way for people who can't adopt, but want to help nonetheless.

Dog Seller and Dog Facility Operator License

This is a copy of our annual license through the state that shows we are able to adopt out dogs and have passed state inspection. 

LCHS Redemption Policy

This is our redemption policy, updated recently in 2012. It explains the requirements of the State of WI statue #173.23, which you must comply with in order for us to relinquish your pet back to you.

Bylaws - Revised & Approved February 2021

LCHS Bylaws - Revised & Approved February 2021

2021 Membership

Have you become an LCHS Humane Hero Member? The 2021 Membership Program is a vital part of our annual budget and your support helps us to care for hundreds of animals every year. LCHS is a non-profit, non-tax supported animal welfare agency; and we are not a part of any national organization, nor do we receive funding from any national organizations.

 Your donations will support a variety of programs and services we offer. We care for over 1,000 abandoned and unwanted companion animals each year.

Memberships are valid for one year and expire in February.

Membership Levels:

Platinum - $2,500

Gold - $1,000

Silver - $500

Bronze - $250

Animal Lover - $100

Caregiver $50

Friend of the Animals - $25

Any amount is greatly appreciated!