The Lincoln County Humane Society is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty and abuse to animals, birds and wildlife.

We strive to maintain a No-Kill facility; a place of safety for healthy adoptable animals; a temporary home for the homeless; a haven for the mistreated, neglected or abused animals of Lincoln County and surrounding counties.
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Upcoming Events

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    Rabies Clinic at LCHS - October 21

    Dog & Cat Vaccination Clinic at LCHS

    Sunday, October 21, 12pm-2pm

    Please arrive 15 minutes before the end of the clinic to have time to complete the paperwork.


    Vaccines offered:

    Rabies (dog or cat) $20

    DHPPv (dog distemper) $20

    FVRC (cat distemper) $20

    Dog Vaccines:

    Lyme $35

    Leptospirosis $25

    Kennel cough $25

    Please bring any previous vaccination records. For the safety of all pets and people, all dogs must be on a short leash and cats must be in a crate. If you have an aggressive pet, leave it in the vehicle and go through the line to fill out the paperwork without the pet. 

    Vaccines provided and given by Jennifer Prince, DVM, Wausau Mobile Pet Hospital

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    6th Annual Craft, Gift, & Bake Sale

    6th Annual Craft, Gift, & Bake Sale to benefit LCHS! 


    Saturday October 27th, 9am-3pm

    Pine River Town Hall (N1647 Deer Run Ave in Merrill)


    Questions: Call 715-966-3545


Latest News

October 12, 2018
Cold weather and Kittens!

With the weather getting cooler, quicker than most of us would like, kittens become resourceful when it comes to keepng warm. This means cars especially engine bay areas, so the next time you're about to leave and have your car warmed up, tap the hood before you go the kittens will thank you!