Aluminum Can Donation in Tomahawk Only

 We would like to thank everyone for working with LCHS to donate aluminum cans in Tomahawk! In August, we received $628.85 as a result of the can donation in Tomahawk!

Please note, LCHS will not be accepting aluminum cans at our facility. Although we are not accepting aluminum cans at LCHS, the Hometown Feed Mill & General Store in Tomahawk does have a trailer available for can donation.

LCHS will not transport cans so if you decide to donate cans, you must deliver them to the trailer in Tomahawk.

Thank you for your understanding and support!


Thank you, Nathan Brzoznowski!

 LCHS would like to thank our wonderful volunteer, Nathan, for his dedicated Eagle Project!

Nathan Brzoznowski of BSA Troop 513 has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout on May 3, 2021. Nathan's Eagle Project is a Memorial Rain Garden, shaped as a paw print, in the shelter's yard.

Nathan has been involved with scouting since the first grade when he joined Pack 503 as a Tiger Scout. In February of 2016, he earned his Arrow of Light Advancement and joined Boy Scouts.

While in Scouts, Nathan earned a total of 25 Merit Badges. He has participated in many service projects such as highway clean up, Scouting for Food, and helping other Scouts work on their Eagle Projects. In 2018, he was inducted into the Order of the Arrow, scouting's Honor Society.

Nathan has held several troop leadership positions, including Den Chief ot Pack 502. He had enjoyed many scouting activities, his favorites being a weeklong canoe/backpacking trip to Boundary Waters and hiking at the Pictured Rock National Lakeshore.

Outside of Scouts, Nathan also plays baseball and football. He will be a Junior this year Merrill High School and participates in the Youth Apprenticeship Program, working for Goetsch's Welding & Machine, Inc.

Thank you, Nathan, for establishing such a beautiful garden at LCHS!

July Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in July! Your support is grealty appreciated!

Linda Sparby by Nathan Bialecki, Ronald & Beth Kautz, Sannee Utecht, James & Judith Davis

Dave Finanger by Maxine & Jay Tlusty

Andy Lyon by Darla Sann & Tim Koenig, Arnold & Darlene Mathis

Tori Grefe by Mariann & Steve Hanig

Scott & Kari Honey by Darla Sann & Tim Koenig

Boomer Snaza by Marta & Stephen Loos

Pepper & Coal by Tim Hinner

Race (Kathy Searl & Alan Frey's dog) by Kim Koehler & Kristin Seis

Sue Schmitt by Robert & Judith Mijolevic, Daryl Flanagan, Kathleen Welnak

Bernie Privette by Lori & Cato Ruprecht

Lawrence Duginski by Nancy Lehman

Lois Benzinger by Penny Callahan, Ilona Moraitis, Lisa Smith, Ronald & Linda Kroll, Eric Hanson, Paul & Lisa Marsolek, David & Deborah Bonin, Peter & Joan Tabor, Gary Benzinger

Karlene Standish by Arthur & Mary Jobs

Jeff Wehrs by Daryl & ReNaye Kelly

Lucy the calico by Melanie Tlusty

Carol Pietenpol by Ron & Deborah Miller

Nancy Roberts by Mathew Boyle

July Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in July! We greatly appreciate it!

Meghan Stevenson

Joel Schlereth

Lori Moran

Cecil Ballou

Riverside Presbyterian Church

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Mario Meverden 

Richard Serafin

Karen Olson

Jane Elizabeth Parsons

Christy Lopez

Garry Myers

Nadine Appel

Darlene Raunio

Robert Smith

Irene Faber

Russell & Nancy Putnam

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Mike & Jayne Thiel

Janet Selnes

Pamela Welch

Rebecca Sineni

Dan Lara

Amber Talbot

Jessie Hendel

Lawrence Ekdahl

Network for Good (facebook)

Sharayah Lee

Tasha Wassink

Amy Hameister

Ashley Gass

Lisa Woller

Tomahawk Mill Charity Club (Packaging Corporation of America)




LCHS Open Hours

LCHS is open to the public from:

12pm-4pm Monday - Saturday

12pm-2pm on Sunday


Other times are available by appointment. Please call 715-536-3459 for more information.

We are closed for holidays. Our website will be updated with advance closing dates.

If you are interested in adopting, it is recommended to submit the adoption application in advance because same-day adoptions are not guaranteed. Appointments scheduled after normal business hours must have a pre-approved application.

Volunteers and visitors must be 18 or have someone that is 18 at LCHS with them and complete a volunteer application. 

Masks are recommended but not required. You visit at your own risk. 


June Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in June! Your generosity is greatly appreciated! 


Meghan Stevenson

Nancy Hoff

Joel Schlereth

Karen Olson

Hillside Hideaway

Rhonda Rominski

Lawrence Ekdahl

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Darlene Raunio

Nadine Appel

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Cecil Ballou

Myranda Pepple

Harrison Hills Charity Fund

Pam Metcalf

Janet Selnes

Pamela Welch

Marilyn Peterson

Dan Lara

Network for Good (facebook)

Sharayah Lee

Tasha Wassink

Sylvie Wrzesinski

Louisiana-Pacific Foundation

Amy Hameister

Steve Dietsch

Trinity Lutheran VBS

Richard Burkam 





June Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in June! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Linda Lee Sparby by Erik Kinnunen

Ziva by Peggy Bauman

Melody Suwyn by Sara Karcz & Family

Andrew Lyon by Linda Weege, Sarah Semling, Rick & Kathy Hinner, Bob & Candy Hinner, Roger & Becky Hinner

Anne Germain by Stephanie Deering

Constance Lee Mullins by Jeremy Szulczewski

Dan Geronimi by Colleen & Larry Woller

Sue Schmitt by UPS Employees: Rhinelander Branch, Gerald & Peggy Liesener, Brian Thorp, Curt & Cathy Fredrick, Cheryl Radtke, David Mallette, 

Randy Geiger's Retirement by Green Bay Packaging

Phyllis Berthiaume by Mark & Sharon Rogholt

Mary Leyk's Birthday by Richard & Brenda Mamer, Thomas & Thelma Meyer, Lynn Zentner, Ruth Heyne, Thomas & Carole Hoge, Susan Weith

Theodore 'Ted' Bartz by Liz Friedenfels & Jameson Gerdes, Colleen & Larry Woller

Marni by Thomas & Mary Ball




Keep pets safely indoors on July 4th!

Did you know more pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year? Below are some tips to keep your pets safe this Fourth of July.


  • Don’t bring your pets to the fireworks

  • Never leave your pet in the car during fireworks

  • Don’t leave doggie doors open or pets outside in the yard


  • Take your dog on a long walk before the fireworks

  • Leave your pet at home in a safe environment

  • Provide plenty of water, toys, and a safe chew

  • Close windows, lower blinds, and play some soothing music

  • Microchip your pets

  • Keep collars with ID tags on your pet at all times

Wish List



Stamps & Standard Size Envelopes

Standard Size Printer Paper (White)

Cat Litter (non-scoopable/non-clumping)

KMR Milk Supplement for Kittens 


Firework Safety for Pets

Did you know July 5th is the busiest day of the year at most shelters? Fireworks terrify many animals, even normally calm pets.

Keep your pets safe. Keep them at home, indoors wtih no possible escape routes through windows or doors. We also recommend playing soft music or leaving a television set playing in the background. 

If you are on vacation with your pet, make sure you have your pet secured in a safe area. Confirm that your pet's microchip is registered and you have an identification tag on your pet. In a pinch, purchase a collar from The Dollar Tree and write your cabin or campsite information with a phone number on it with a permanent marker.

Making sure your pet's microchip registration and identification tag have the current contact information is essential! LCHS frequently encounters microchipped animals that have a lapsed registration or old information so it is impossible to contact the owner. If you are unsure if your pet's microchip is up to date, please call LCHS and we can scan your pet's chip and register the information for free through 24-Hour Petwatch. 

If you are enjoying a fireworks display at home, try to be considerate of other animals in the neighborhood as well as wildlife. Try to avoid areas where animals may have a nest or den in order to prevent distress to wildlife. 

If you know your animal will be distressed during the firework displays, contacting your veterinarian may help. Truly severe cases may benefit from a mild sedative during the fireworks to prevent a terrified pet from injuring itself. 

There are also a variety of calming products, such as Thundershirts, that may help. You can find out more about Thundershirts at


May Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in May! We greatly appreciate your support!


Ted Bartz by Rachelle Baade

Nancy Wegner by Dick & Carol Wegner, Amy Sallet & Family

Mandy the dog by Norris & Linda Hattlestad

Marilyn Stiver by the Den Stiver Family

Jayco Alvin by David & Sue Pyan

Tammy Rice by Fraternal Order of Eagles

Sue Schmitt by Lynn Clemons

Don Sparby by Ron & Beth Kautz

Jered Severt by Carol Osness

Ken Tupa Sr.'s Birthday by Lora Reichelt

Breagan the dog by Debbie Alvin 


May Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in May!

Meghan Stevenson

Karen Olson

Joni Such 

Shirley Mae Engel


Darlene Raunio

Nadine Appel

Hilda Bukovic

Cecil Ballou

Kari Kercher

Tyler Trivich

Janet Selnes

Pamela Welch

Dan Lara

Dena & Raymond Harris

Ruth Kriewald

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Nicole Henke

Debbie Alvin

G.D & C.A. Wick

Main St Investment Group - Randy Plantenberg

Raquel Fry

Kristin Koehnke

Sharayah Lee

Tasha Wassink

Rebecca Heintz

Luke & Larissa Hermsen's Wedding Donation

Bill & Carol Sparr

Network for Good


Frank Hinderleitner

Amy Hameister

Russ Warye







April Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in April! We greatly appreciate your support!

Kay Simon by Ronald & Beth Kautz

Chong K. Vang by Ronald & Beth Kautz

Charlie Eternicka by Darrel & Melissa Dengel

John "Jack" Crowley by June Kriewald, Frederick Lundin, Donald Nowka, Harlan Fausch, Lawrence & Deanna Hampel, Cindee & Michael Kufahl, Linda Hass, Delores Crowley

Ruth Karpenske by Mariann & Steve Hanig

Myra by Thomas & Mary Ball

Bella by William & Carol Wendorf

Barbara Ann Nordall by Jane Hart

Arlene Radke by Debbie Kufahl

Cari Sauter by Barbara Van Slate

Jim Byer by Carl & Merle Mewing

Kassandra Boyce's Birthday by Laurie Lee

Lisa Skutak by Carl & Mary Moscherosch

Anna Crowell by Gregory & Mary Beth Gane

Judy Sukow by Thomas & Mary Ball

Jered Severt by Thomas & Mary Ball, Diane Belter

Jayco Alvin by Penny Callahan

Max & Brandy by Claudia Vincent 



April Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in April! We greatly appreciate your support!

Jenny Rice

Jay Peterson

Julie Samuelson

Merget's Mouthwatering Mayhem

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Meghan Stevenson

Sarah Ford

Cecil Ballou

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Nadine Appel

Karen Olson

Deirdre Dreger

John Schaffer

Jerry & Susan Zastrow

Joel Schlereth

Lori Turney


Alexis, Jeffrey, Annette Schaupp

Dan Koblitz

Irene Faber

Brenda Wendt

Pamela Welch

Janet Selnes

Dan Lara 

Darlene Raunio

Rick & Judith Lombard

Network for Good (facebook)

Tasha Wassink

Sharayah Lee

John Hawkins

Sportsman's Alibi Bar & Grill Pool Team

Joy Anderson

Ursula & Michael Stearns


Amy Hameister

Lawrence Ekdahl

Jim Clemens Agency, LLC

Prairie River Middle School







We would like to thank our many supporters who donate items to help offset the cost of caring for our shelter pets! Below is an updated wish list of needed items. Thank you for your support!

Cat litter (non-scoopable/non-clumping)

Standard size printer paper (white only)


Standard size envelope

Latex gloves (any size)

KMR milk supplement for kittens

Thank you, Auction Sponsors!

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting the LCHS Benefit Auction! Without these awesome organizations and individuals, our Auction would not be possible. Please show your support of these local businesses and organizations!

Pamuela's Custom Creations

7 Oak Bodywork & Massage 

Bella Nails

Liane Katzenburg

Deena Rathbun

Harrison Natural Resources

Waid Funeral & Cremation Service

Tomahawk Furniture & Gun 

Jim Daenicke

Lora Reichelt

Judy Locke 

The Lamplighter Fine Gifts of Wausau

Mary Jaax

Sally Thayer

Knot Haus of Tomahawk

Karen Mootz

George & Christine Brahos

In Memory of Johanna Osness Hoerstmann by her siblings

John Pietrantonio

Bull Falls Harley Davidson

Down to Earth Greenhouse

Kate Dymore

Jackie Nicole

Sawmill Brewing Company

Thorndale Bone & Biscuit Pet Camp Resort

Jessica's Muffins & More

Auto Jockeys


Nikki Mattke

Melissa Fordahl

The Beacon Bar of Merrill 

Diane Brunelle

Patrick Hoerstmann

Derek Krzanowski

Jennifer Porath

Fantastic Sam's












Walk for Whiskers Update

We would like to thank the volunteers, walkers, and donors who made our 2021 Walk for Whiskers event a success! We raised almost $1,300 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our Walk:

Thrivent Financial

Merrill Iron Complex Fabrication

Skutak Dental

Judy Locke

Holiday Gas Station

We would also like to thank the Master Gardener's Organization of Lincoln County for donating plants for our first annual plant sale! 

Walk For Whiskers Fundraiser

It's a beautiful day to get out for a walk! And why not support the shelter while doing so! Today is our "Walk For Whiskers" fundraiser! It's just getting started down at the Agra Pavillion on the River Bend Trail in Merrill. It goes from 9-11am! You have the chance to win some awesome raffle prizes includng a series 3 Apple Watch, a tasty breakfast basket, a beautiful ruby ring and more! They are also having a plant sale! Make sure to stop down and don't forget to bring your furry friend to walk with! It's only $5 to register to walk! There are also some fun reptiles to see and learn about!

Plant Sale Items!

    Here are a few more items that will be available for purchase at our Plant & Garden Sale on Saturday, May 8! The sale will open at the Agra Pavilion on Merrill's Riverbend Trail at 9am.

Thank you, Sally!

       We would like to thank Sally Thayer for donating this awesome Breakfast Basket for the upcoming Walk for Whiskers raffle on Saturday May 8! The basket includes a 12 inch ceramic skillet, a "bee kind" kitchen towel, 3 bottles of Dotter Sugarbush's pure maple syrup, SkuBee's Honey, and two types of pancake mix! Thank you, Sally!

We would also like to thank Judy Locke for donating a beautiful ruby ring for a raffle prize! 

The other photos are a sneak peak at some of the items that will be available at the Plant Sale! The raffles and plant sale will begin at 9am when registration for Walk for Whiskers starts. Drawing for the raffles will take place at 11am. You must be a registered participant of the Walk to purchase raffle tickets. 

Thank you, Trina & Health In Motion!

     We would like to thank Health In Motion Physical Therapy and Trina D. for donating these great items for our upcoming Walk for Whiskers on May 8! Trina donated the adorable outdoor planter for the garden sale. Health In Motion Physical Therapy donated a basket with dog toys & treats, two new water bottles, two can coozies, and two Free 15 Minute Screening certificates with a licensed physical therapist of licensed athletic trainer! The Health In Motion gift certifcates can be redeemed at their Wausau, Merrill, Tomahawk, Crandon, Marshfield, Antigo, Eagle River, or RHinelander locations. Thank you to both Trina and Health In Motion Physical Therapy! 

Garden & Plant Sale at Walk for Whiskers

           Here is a sneak peak at some of the items that will be for sale at Walk for Whisker's Plant & Garden Sale on May 8! 

The Walk will take place at the River Bend Trail's Agra Pavilion. Registration will take place from 9am-10am. The plant and garden sale will begin at 9am. 

Thank you, Holiday Gas Station & Skutak Dental!



We would like to thank Holiday Gas Station and Skutak Dental of Rothschild for sponsoring our upcoming Walk for Whiskers 5K on May 8! Holiday donated 10 cases of water and Skutak Dental donated a variety of snacks for us to distribute to everyone participating at the event! Thank you, Holiday & Skutak Dental! 

Thank you, Thrivent Financial!

 We would like to thank Thrivent Financial for sponsoring our upcoming Walk for Whiskers 5K! The walk will be held at Merrill's RiverBend Trail with registration at the Agra Pavilion from 9am-10am. Registration will be staggered so we can maintain social distancing between participants.

The Apple Watch Series 3 38MM GPS will be on of the raffle prizes at the Walk! You must participate in the Walk to purchase raffle tickets. 

Appointments with The Fix Is In

The Fix Is In does provide spay/neuter services for cats and dogs under 45 lbs at LCHS as often as possible. We do not have access to the scheduling or services for The Fix Is In - anyone interested must contact them directly.

At this time, The Fix Is In does not have any surgery dates scheduled at LCHS. If you are trying to schedule your pet for surgery, we recommed trying to schedule it at another location.

This link will take you to The Fix Is In surgery dates and locations -

March Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in March! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Bev Fish by Ronna Ashbrook

Al Elliott by Judith Elliott, Red Hat Sisters, Judith Bellin, Duane & Janis Mueller, Thomas & Dawn Kluever, Tom & Shelley Rahlf, James & Cheryl Reist, Bert & Carolyn Stuhr, Pam Stuhr, Carl & Sandy Stuhr, Lisa & Nate Weitz

Boo by Ingrid Erickson

Darrell Smerz by James & Julie Dentler, Patricia Kulkoski, Elaine & Arthur Ungerer, John Engmann, Donna Gesch, Doris & Theodore Ingman, Virginia Labensky, Town of Brookfield Fire Fighters Association, Vernon Dougherty

John "Jack" Crowley by James Jones & Mary Prange-Jones, Julieann & Thomas Opichka, Theresa Klug, Maryann & Roberto Ruiz

Janice Shaler by William & Joanne Wengeler

Dennis Roberts by William & Joanne Wengeler

Twizzler by William & Joanne Wengeler

Marsha Nitzsche by Tom & Linda Tompach

Sam the cat by Gary Schmitz

Patsy Woller by John & Sandra Carlson

Carol Grund by John & Sandra Carlson

Phyllis Berthiaume by Mark & Sharon Rogholt



Fall Banquet Canceled for 2021

We are sad to announce our Annual Fall Banquet will be canceled for 2021. Due to the incredible amount of local businesses that donate prizes and sponsor the event, we did not want to put any additional strain on these organizations that may have been impacted by the pandemic. This event is the biggest fundraiser for LCHS each year and the banquet often raises more than $25,000 so please continue to support LCHS.

Please continue to show your support for your local businesses - these organizations are the heart of non-profits. Local businesses donate and assist so many non-profits, without them most fundraisers would be impossible. 

Thank you for your on-going support of our shelter animals. We are grateful for the generosity of the community! 

Cruisin' for Critters Canceled for 2021

LCHS is sad to announce that we will be canceling our 2021 Cruisin' for Critters Poker Run Ride. We will miss all of our wonderful supporters in 2021 and we would like to thank those of you who have always made Cruisin' for Critters a fun event. We are looking forward to making our 2022 Ride a huge success! 

Bake Sale Items Needed!

 LCHS will be attending Sara Park's Craft & Vendor Sale on April 17th. We are in need of baked goods for the sale! If you can donate an item, you are welcome to deliver items to the Sara Park Activity Center in Tomahawk at 8am on April 17th. 

If you are in the Merrill area, donated items can be dropped off at the shelter on Friday April 16th (please call LCHS at 715-536-3459 to arrange a drop-off time). 

February Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in February! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Dimitri by William & Carol Wendorf

Henry by Barbara Hartley

Carol's Birthday by Bill & Carol Sparr

Ann Burnett by Robert & Delores Koepke

Lena by Ingrid Erickson

Dick Leipski by Barbara Plonsky Koehler

Nelson by Wayne Cooper

Willie by Gloria & Eugene Bondioli

Dorothy Malm by Randy Osness

Alfred Elliott by Gary Schmidtz, Tanya Kleinschmidt, Tammy Haugen, Theresa Blake, Bowling Centers Assocation of Wisconsin, Scott & Linda Doerr

Hans Breitenmoser Sr by Dale & Patricia Zuelsdorff

Cheryl Coleman Helgestad by Kathy Caldwell



February Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in February!

Meghan Stevenson

Jane Parsons

Sandra Shearier

Delores Slizewski

Merget's Mouthwatering Mayhem

Deborah Fewell

Karen Olson

Dawn Gourlie

Joel Schlereth

Premier Companies - Super Bowl Pool

Elizabeth Whalen

Darlene Raunio

Nadine Appel

Donald & Jeanette Chamberlain

Thomas & Deyonne Montgomery

Mark & Janet Abell

Rick & Judith Lombard

Cecil Ballou

Larissa Millis

Pamela Welch

Janet Selnes

Wes & Jane Schoepke

Lori Normand

Robin Norton & Laura Wind-Norton

Michele Slaga

Charlie & Donna Peth

Mark & Catherine Krupinski

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Susan Sternot

Dan Lara

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Holly Lange

Town of King


Tasha Wassink

Sharayah Lee

Candice Jacobson

Payge Osness, Raya Osness, & Madie Geiss

Merrill Lion's Club

Hilda Bukovic

Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program - David Brand

Network for Good

Amy Hameister

Lisa King 












Facebook (Network for Good) Donations

We are incredibly grateful to the many supporters that donate & raise money for LCHS through Facebook. This is a great support of LCHS - in January & February we received $1913!  Each month, a check is distributed from Facebook's "Network for Good" program with the money donated during the previous month. 

Unfortunately, we are not provided with a list of donors or the donation event that solicited the donations for LCHS. We are not ignoring the generous support of so many people who chose LCHS as their charity for birthday and holiday fundraisers, we are unable to list the donors because Facebook keeps the donations anonymous. So please, do not hesitate to donate to LCHS via Facebook, just be aware that we will not receive the donor information on our end.

If you do decide to donate or do a fundraiser for LCHS and would like us to post a photo or recognition, we are happy to post it so please contact us! Thank you for your continued support! 

Questions Regarding The Fix Is In

LCHS has recently received a number of calls regarding appointment times, follow-up care, and services provided by The Fix Is In. Although The Fix Is In does use the LCHS parking lot for their mobile surgical unit, LCHS does not have any  information regarding appointments, care of animals post-surgery, or any other questions. We also cannot access The Fix Is In staff during the day for questions regarding an animal in surgery or what time to pick up an animal.

Unless you adopted the animal from LCHS and are bringing it back for surgery, we cannot answer any questions regarding The Fix Is In. You must call them directly at 715-256-8555. 

2021 Dog License Sales

After March 31, dog license fees increase - a spayed/neutered dog will be $25 and an unaltered dog will be $65. If you are mailing the license to LCHS, it must be postmarked by March 31. Any forms received after March 31 will be returned to the owner for the late fees to be added.

You can purchase a license through your municipality/township, through the mail at LCHS, or by appointment at LCHS.

A dog license cannot be processed without a copy of the rabies certificate so make sure to include a copy of the rabies certificate from the veterinarian. 

Chip's Hamburgers Paws for a Cause fundraiser

How amazing is this! Chip's Hamburgers in Merrill offered to host our Paws for a Cause fundraiser for the month of February! Well the month isn't even over yet and they gave us $2,508.00! How awesome is that! It's so easy to donate too! All you have to do is make a donation when you order some of their amazing food! And to top it off of just how wonderful they are, Chip's will provide a 10% discount on your food order when a donation of $5.00 or more is made! Also they have decided to run the fundraiser through atleast March! 

Thank you to everyone who has donated at Chip's and to Chip's for being so kind as to host this fundraiser for us it means to much to us to have this amazing support! 

January Honorarium Donors

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in January. Your support is greatly appreciated!


Tillie the cat by Ingrid Erickson

Dennis Roberts by Richard & Susan Hass

Darrell Juedes by Peggy & Bob Bauman, Bonnie Pophal, Patti & Rusty Stickler, Alan & Paulet Pophal 

Richard Cole by Jolene Callahan

Angel Rhyner by Elite Carriers

Mary & Dennis Sabatke by Valerie Alft 

Gracie the cat (Cooper Family) by Joseph Kavanaugh

Marie Wiesmann by Gordy & Bonnie Wiesmann

Ben Winkleman by Rogene Janik

Douglas Meyer by Renee Meyer

Dan Gabriel by Lori Ruprecht

Kay Simon by Janet Beyer-Thums

Chub VanderGeest by Janet Beyer Thums

Todd Larson by Tina & Nick Larson

Anton Carlson by Penny Callahan

John Flannery Ball by Thomas & Mary Ball, Christine Bacon, Marie Bacon, Dale Bacon Jr, Vicky Bartz

Patricia "Patsy" Woller by James & Sherrie Zortman

David Lee by Mathew Boyle

Penny Engel by Beatrice Lebal

Jerry the cat (Frey Family) by Walter & Marilyn Schmidt






Auction Sponsors

Our February Auction raised $4,120 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home! We are so grateful to everyone for supporting the Auction, with so many fundraisers postponed or cancelled, the online Auction has become a great source of revenue for the shelter. We would like to thank the following sponsors for their support:

Skutal Dental

Chip's Hamburgers

Auto Jockeys

Lora Reichelt 

Sawmill Brewing Company

Jenny Miner

Deena Rathbun

Rolling Acres Ranch

The siblings of Johanna Osness-Hoerstmann

Karen Mootz

Pamuela's Custom Creations 

Jim Daenicke & Sally Thayer

Juliana Palmcook

Savannah Severt

Iron Raven Tattoo Company & Iron Angel Arts

Linda Radant

Harrison Natural Resources

David & Hope Linke and Sherry Fritz

Judy Joles Locke

Berlin Hills Farm

John Piertrantonio

Becky & Zack Zarate and Samantha Smith in memory of Dale & Donna Hinz

Scott & Kerry Steele

Lori & Charlie Normand

Diamond Rock Glass Studio

Jennifer & Jaxon Bootz

Klug's Country Gold

Cold Weather Tips for Pets




Cold weather is as difficult for animals as it is for people. When the weather is below freezing, the Lincoln County Humane Society highly recommends keeping your pets indoors. Being outdoors in freezing temperatures is a huge health risk to pets, and causes severe stress.


But if you must keep your pets outdoors, please follow these recommendations to help keep them safe and comfortable.




1.    Feed high quality foods with essential fatty acids to help outdoor dogs and cats maintain a thick coat of fur in the winter. Some veterinarians even recommend adding canola oil, soybean oil, or butter or fish oils directly to the dry food a pet receives. Check with your local veterinarian to see what’s safe and most beneficial to your pet.

2.    Increase food supply, especially protein, to help keep a healthy weight. If your pet is overweight, this is not recommended.

3.    Provide a heated water bowl for pets. Eating snow is not enough to prevent dehydration and it will cause hypothermia more quickly because it drops your pet’s body temperature.

4.    Don’t use metal bowls for food or water because your pet’s tongue may stick to the metal.

5.    Check frequently to make sure the water and food aren’t frozen.



1.    Make sure all pets, but especially, senior or arthritic pets have thick beds to in a warm area to keep their joints from hurting more.

2.    Keep beds off of concrete or the floor. 

3.    Use straw for bedding instead of towels, blankets, and newspaper which retain cold and moisture.

4.    Make sure your pet has an insulated house. It should be large enough for the animal to stand and turn but not too large or it won’t help conserve body heat.

5.    The pet’s house should be kept a few inches off the ground and covered with straw. The opening should be facing away from the wind and there should be a plastic cover on the door.



1.    Makesure your pet’s fur is free of matts and burrs. Matted fur won’t protect as well from the cold.

2.    Don’t use regular road salt near your pet, make sure to have a pet safe variety to prevent injury and irritation on delicate paw pads.

LCHS Benefit Auction February 8-11

To make up for some of our cancelled fundraisers, LCHS will be hosting a benefit auction February 8-11. All items will be posted on facebook and all bidding will occur on facebook. Please use this link (you may have to copy and paste) to join the facebook page dedicated to the LCHS Benefit Auction - 

We are in need of prizes for the Auction! If you are interested in donating, please contact LCHS at 715-536-3459. Thank you! 

There will be a variety of auction prizes and we will post details about the prizes, the minimum bids, and any other information soon! Thank you all for your continued support! We could not do this wihtout you! 

Here is some information about the upcoming auction:

1. Bid in increasing increments of $5

2. Create a new facebook comment when bidding - a facebook reply may be missed

3. No deleting a bid - if you bid on the wrong item, message us to correct it

4. If you back out on a bid you win, you may be banned from future auctions

5. There will be a minimum starting bid on all auction items

6. Remember, this is an auction, and all money raised goes directly to the animals of the shelter. These funds help us provide medical care, spay and neuter surgeries, and enrichment for the animals here.

7. Bid HIGH and bid OFTEN. Feel free to tag friends or cheer on other people bidding. Rude or negative comments will be immediately deleted. 

8. No promoting you own items for sale on the auction site.

9. Please understand LCHS staff will be working with the animals and doing other jobs during the auction time. We will do our best to answer questions right away but sometimes there will be a delay. 

10. Auction items must be paid for via Paypal or over the phone with credit card by calling 715-536-3459. Make sure to note the Item Number if you pay via Paypal. We do not have a cash/check payment option. 

11. Some items will not be available for shipping. We will list whether shipping is available or not on each item as it is posted. Shipping may be at the buyer's expense.

12. We appreciate your support as we navigate new ways to raise money for our shelter pets! Please remember, we are all in this together and we incredibly grateful for all you to help homeless animals in our community! 

National Organizations vs. Local Donations

 LCHS recently learned of a mailing sent from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to a number of Wisconsin residents. Although the mailing appears to support local Wisconsin shelters, any money donated to national organizations is not received by LCHS. Nationwide, less than 1% of donations to national animal welfare organizations goes to local shelters and humane societies. 

Although an LCHS supporter may intend for a donation sent to national organization to be received by LCHS, this will not occur. We want to clarify to our supporters that money donated to national organizations will stay with the national organization and will not be given to LCHS. 

If you want to support LCHS, please donate directly:



310 N. Memorial Drive

Merrill WI 54452


or online at:


Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters! 

2021 Dog License Sales

2021 dog license sales are now available for purchase using one of the following three options:

1. You can purchase a license through your municipality (see contact list below). Contact your Town Treasurer in advance to ask the exact procedure.

Municipality Contact Info:

Town of Birch: Marlene Fox 715-218-0391

Town of Bradley: Phyllis Evans 715-453-3326

Town of Corning: Katie Giese 715-351-0918

Town of Harding: Carrie Hintz 715-536-8901

Town of King: Julie Allen 715-453-8578

Town of Merrill: Kay Tautges 715-536-4383

Town of Pine River: Donna Opper 715-432-7421

Town of Rock Falls: Cindy Frisch 715-536-3947

Town of Russell: Susan Fisher 715-351-0028

Town of Schley: Susan Podeweltz 715-536-3756

Town of Scott: Ann Krueger 715-539-8355

Town of Skanawan: Jean Zoellner 715-966-6419

Town of Somo: Jody Issacson 715-564-3239

Town of Tomahawk: Loretta Wanta 715-453-8836

Town of Wilson: Laurie Peterson 715-453-8465

City of Tomahawk: Treasurer 715-453-4040

City of Merrill: Treasurer 715-536-5594


2. Mail a copy of the rabies certificate, payment, and information for the dog license to:


310 N. Memorial Drive

Merrill WI 54452


3. Call in advance to set up an appointment. You must bring the copy of the rabies certificate, payment, and additional information for the license. One person will be scheduled per appointment and masks are required. 

December Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in December! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Jim Diederich

Melanie Tlusty

Richard Serafin

Meghan Stevenson

Lisa Krause

Karen Olson

Laurie Lonsdorf

Merrilee & Dave DuPlayee

Nancy Meier

J.W. Austin Associates LLC

Donna Howell

Tom & Linda Tompach

Patricia Heller

Russell & Nancy Putnam

Gregory Powers

Lawrence Ekdahl

Sandra & William Lussenhop

Cecil Ballou

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Rick & Judith Lombard

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Vickie McKay

Matt Radtke

Robin Norton & Laura Wind-Norton

Nadine Appel

Michael & Tracy Gengalo

Jean Fennell

Give Thanks of Tomahawk

Janet Selnes

Helen Sczygelski

Jennifer Lewitzke

Kathryn Gorichan

Brian & Sharon Gulke

Bonnye Kolar

Shari Koval

Louise Stephens

Edward Gruett

Carol & Irving Bork

Lois Walters

Church Mutual Christmas Is Committee

Loretta Whipple

Linda Semling Peterson Fund

Pamela Welch


Maura Bommer

Kathryn Pophal

Ken & Sally Tupa

James Blair

Richard & Brenda Mamer

Virginia & Alan Iattoni

Lindsay Lisowski

Diana Harper

Cheryl Breneman

Kerstin Laporte

Judith Negro

Dan Lara

Cris Luebbe

Coral Kavanaugh

James & Judith Locke

Madeline Shinners

Eye Clinic of Wisconsin, S.C.

Merrill Iron

G.D. & C.A Wick

Randall & Kathleen Murray

Maureen Sanford

Town of Tomahawk

Kenneth & Lois Britt

Elaine Knab

Mary Bauman

Hilda Bukovic

Tasha Wassink

Sharayah Lee

Health in Motion

Erin Wells

John & Rhonda Sheflin

Tomahawk Elementary 5th Grade Giving Back

Frances Jeske

Michele Gryskiewicz

Lincoln County Professional Deputies Assocation

David & Mary Brand

Network for Good

Amy Hameister

Edward Locke

Caroline & Shana Klesmith

Michael & Nancy Specht

Jeremy & Susan Zastrow

Allen & Stephanie Ashbeck

John Kilgust & Vickie Leistikow

Marvin & Betty Kamke

Monica Fenhaus

Larry & Julie Wenning

Richard & Sharon Schmidt

Maxine & Jay Tlusty

Julane Schulist

Randal & Kristine Ullmer

Emily & Matthew Rueth 





December Donation Boxes

Thanks to everyone who has supported LCHS by donating through our donation boxes! Your support is greatly appreciated! And a huge thank you to all of the businesses that host the boxes for us!

In December, we received $275.81 as a result of your donations!


Merrill Locations:

Merrill Vet Clinic

Merrill Golf Course

Wagner Shell

Eagle's Club


Lincoln Community Bank

First Street Coffee Station

Park City Credit Union

Customer One Coop

Holiday (Center Ave)

Pine Ridge Restaurant

Merrill Federal

Ace Hardware

Young's Pharmacy

County Market

Los Mescales

Tomahawk Locations:

Tomahawk Furniture & Gun

The Cheese Shoppe

Kracker Barrel

The Bridge Motel


River Valley Bank 

Park City Credit Union

Tomahawk Family Restaurant

Standard Mercantile

Hometown Feed Mill

Crossroads Mobile

Tomahawk Shell

Lincoln County Cycles

Great Lake Food

Cerny's Greenhouse

The Knot Haus

Aquatic Arts

Wausau Locations:


Marathon Town & Country



December Honorarium Donation

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in December! Your support is greatly appreciated! 


Donald Graap by Mike & Vonya Ellsworth

Jon Jensen by Mike & Vonya Ellsworth

Carol "Carolee" Grund by Bill Folta, Shirley Gonzalez, Todd & Angelia Johnson, Mike & Linda Sagstetter, Rosetta Ford, Duane & Jenny Flegner, JoAnn Milewczyk, Rich & Jane Poirier, Church Mutual Group Family, Elizabeth VanDerGeest, Mary VanDerGeest, Mary Jo Diels, Scott & Linda Doerr, Ascension Good Samaritan Hospital, Wednesday Night Pool Team - Dawn Smith, Jan Perry, Lynette Dittman, Darlene Mattson

Beyrenelle Manthei by Rose Barker, Steve & Linda Blake, Kathleen Pierotti, Nancy Brickner

Merrillee DuPlayee by Lou Ann DuPlayee

Patrick Hommerding by Linda Henrichs, Matt & Kim Leder

Gerrit "Chub" VanDerGeest by Linda Henrichs, Matt & Kim Leder

Marion Anderson by Roger Anderson & Barb Fraser

Meg Quinn by Larry & Ellen Manthein

Robert & Signa Lambrecht by Daniel Lambrecht & Dawn Dunk

Otto Yirkovsky by William Hudson 

Margaret Taylor by Dale & Patricia Zuelsdorff

Stella by William & Joanne Wengeler

Cari Sauter by Barbara Van Slate, Connie Hoefs

Sharon Purchase by Peggy & Bob Bauman, Bonnie Pophal, Rusty & Patti Stickler, Alan & Paulet Pophal

Laurie Gering by Jennie Hopppe

Mary Moscherosch by Theresa Klug

Mardene Wilke by Jill Alft

Richard Watroba by Greg Eichelkraut & Linda Becker 

Nels Nicholson & Donna Berndt by the Nicholson Family 

Logan & Emma (Gerstchen) by Jim & Sara Pinsonneault

Richard Watroba by Friends & Family

Bob by Beatrice Lebal

Shirley Wojciechowski by Thomas & Sally Schmidt, Sharon Zunker

Eileen Kroening by Friends & Family

Carol Osness by Gary Osness

Doug Meyer by Daniel & Jean Meyer

Sue Hass by Dale & Janet Kleinschmidt

Jo Wengeler by Dale & Janet Kleinschmidt

Sandy Weber by Dale & Janet Kleinschmidt

Rita by Glenn & Barbara Hartley

Kay Simon by Penny Callahan & Ryan King 



Soup Cook-Off Rescheduled

LCHS is going to reschedule our Soup Cook-off for April. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing everyone in April! 

November Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in November!

Meghan Stevenson

Joseph Yelle

Elle Taylor 

Lawrence Ekdahl

Cecil Ballou

Kelley Roncke

Dawn Gourlie

Karen Olson

Beverly Zietlow

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Nadine Appel

Cassie McLain

Lesley Simons

Harry & Nancy Gladwin

Pamela Welch

Janet Selnes

Jenny Beyer


Gregory Powers

Mandy Kostroski

Becky Deinnger

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Jan Murray

Dan Lara

Jan Murray

Tasha Wassink

Sharayah Lee

Joel Schlereth

Chris Moravec

Sharon Wahoske

Erin Fritz

Brian Conklin

Network for Good (facebook)

Timothy & Sue Finnegan

Darin & Kati Gille

Amy Hameister

John Underwood

Joshua Oxborrow

Thomas & Laurie Daniels

Kent Rinne

Rachel Morrison

Felecia Fosdal

Mark & Janet Abell

Dick & Gay Baumgart


November Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in November! We greatly appreciate your support!

Dimetria Jameson by Beth & Dale Jankowsky

Bonnie Buntrock by Janie Rowe

Gine Lake by Phil & Deanna Prast

Ed Wilfahrt by Sandra Ratkovich, Barbara Plonsky Koehler

Jasper Van Der Geest by Sawyer Marnholtz

Tillie Heideman by Beatrice Lebal

Max by Peter Meyer

Chub Van Der Geest by Penny Callahan

Ken Tupa Jr.'s Birthday by Family

Amy Tomajcik by Bonnie Wiesmann

Joyce Vreeke by John & Vicki Kuester

Margaret Combz by William Hudson

Carolee Grund by Lori Brown

Beyrnelle Manthei by Sally Svihla, Judith Wery 

Richard Wartoba by Mark & Mary Repking, Cassie Littlejohn, Franklin & Marlene Thomaschefsky, Marshfield Clinic Physicians & Staff, Carol Holz, Marcy Wiltgen, Family & Friends


Hunter's Raffle Winners

We would like to thank everyone who made our first Hunter's Raffle event a success! A huge thank you goes to our event coordinator, Darla Sann! We would also like to thank Home Town Feed Mill (Tomahawk), Merrill Eagle's Club, and Tomahawk Furniture & Gun!

Your support raised $5,717.85 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home!

We would also like to thank Sue B. & Mike K. for donating $200 of their winnings back to LCHS! Thank you both for your generosity!

1st: Sue B.

2nd: Lizzy H.

3rd: Heidi R.

4th: Greg Z.

5th: Todd J.

6th: Nicole J.

7th: Char A.

8th: Todd P. 

9th: Jeff A.

10th: Gabe S.

11th: Mike S.

12th: Mike K.

13th: David B.

14th: Austin B.

15th: Karrie K.


If you have not yet contacted LCHS to pick up your prize, please call us at 715-536-3459.

Thank you, Lost Dogs of Wisconsin!

We would like to thank David Woods & Lost Dogs of Wisconsin for generously offering to sponsor microchips for 40 reclaimed animals (animals coming to LCHS as strays that an owner comes forward to claim and take home)! 

The 40 donated microchips will include the microchip insertion and registration through 24Petwatch. Please note, this is not a requirement to reclaim an animal - the owner does have the option to decline the microchip. 

Thank you, David Woods & Lost Dogs of Wisconsin for all your hard work keeping the animals of our community safe! 

Hunter's Raffle Sneak Preview!

 Here is a sneak preview of one of the basket raffle prizes for November 28th's Hunter's Raffle at the Merrill Eagle's Club! 

The event will be held from 6pm-8pm at Merrill Eagle's Club (1205 Lake Street). 

Basket raffle tickets will be 3 for $10.