December Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in December! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Jim Diederich

Melanie Tlusty

Richard Serafin

Meghan Stevenson

Lisa Krause

Karen Olson

Laurie Lonsdorf

Merrilee & Dave DuPlayee

Nancy Meier

J.W. Austin Associates LLC

Donna Howell

Tom & Linda Tompach

Patricia Heller

Russell & Nancy Putnam

Gregory Powers

Lawrence Ekdahl

Sandra & William Lussenhop

Cecil Ballou

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Rick & Judith Lombard

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Vickie McKay

Matt Radtke

Robin Norton & Laura Wind-Norton

Nadine Appel

Michael & Tracy Gengalo

Jean Fennell

Give Thanks of Tomahawk

Janet Selnes

Helen Sczygelski

Jennifer Lewitzke

Kathryn Gorichan

Brian & Sharon Gulke

Bonnye Kolar

Shari Koval

Louise Stephens

Edward Gruett

Carol & Irving Bork

Lois Walters

Church Mutual Christmas Is Committee

Loretta Whipple

Linda Semling Peterson Fund

Pamela Welch


Maura Bommer

Kathryn Pophal

Ken & Sally Tupa

James Blair

Richard & Brenda Mamer

Virginia & Alan Iattoni

Lindsay Lisowski

Diana Harper

Cheryl Breneman

Kerstin Laporte

Judith Negro

Dan Lara

Cris Luebbe

Coral Kavanaugh

James & Judith Locke

Madeline Shinners

Eye Clinic of Wisconsin, S.C.

Merrill Iron

G.D. & C.A Wick

Randall & Kathleen Murray

Maureen Sanford

Town of Tomahawk

Kenneth & Lois Britt

Elaine Knab

Mary Bauman

Hilda Bukovic

Tasha Wassink

Sharayah Lee

Health in Motion

Erin Wells

John & Rhonda Sheflin

Tomahawk Elementary 5th Grade Giving Back

Frances Jeske

Michele Gryskiewicz

Lincoln County Professional Deputies Assocation

David & Mary Brand

Network for Good

Amy Hameister

Edward Locke

Caroline & Shana Klesmith

Michael & Nancy Specht

Jeremy & Susan Zastrow

Allen & Stephanie Ashbeck

John Kilgust & Vickie Leistikow

Marvin & Betty Kamke

Monica Fenhaus

Larry & Julie Wenning

Richard & Sharon Schmidt

Maxine & Jay Tlusty

Julane Schulist

Randal & Kristine Ullmer

Emily & Matthew Rueth 





December Donation Boxes

Thanks to everyone who has supported LCHS by donating through our donation boxes! Your support is greatly appreciated! And a huge thank you to all of the businesses that host the boxes for us!

In December, we received $275.81 as a result of your donations!


Merrill Locations:

Merrill Vet Clinic

Merrill Golf Course

Wagner Shell

Eagle's Club


Lincoln Community Bank

First Street Coffee Station

Park City Credit Union

Customer One Coop

Holiday (Center Ave)

Pine Ridge Restaurant

Merrill Federal

Ace Hardware

Young's Pharmacy

County Market

Los Mescales

Tomahawk Locations:

Tomahawk Furniture & Gun

The Cheese Shoppe

Kracker Barrel

The Bridge Motel


River Valley Bank 

Park City Credit Union

Tomahawk Family Restaurant

Standard Mercantile

Hometown Feed Mill

Crossroads Mobile

Tomahawk Shell

Lincoln County Cycles

Great Lake Food

Cerny's Greenhouse

The Knot Haus

Aquatic Arts

Wausau Locations:


Marathon Town & Country



December Honorarium Donation

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in December! Your support is greatly appreciated! 


Donald Graap by Mike & Vonya Ellsworth

Jon Jensen by Mike & Vonya Ellsworth

Carol "Carolee" Grund by Bill Folta, Shirley Gonzalez, Todd & Angelia Johnson, Mike & Linda Sagstetter, Rosetta Ford, Duane & Jenny Flegner, JoAnn Milewczyk, Rich & Jane Poirier, Church Mutual Group Family, Elizabeth VanDerGeest, Mary VanDerGeest, Mary Jo Diels, Scott & Linda Doerr, Ascension Good Samaritan Hospital, Wednesday Night Pool Team - Dawn Smith, Jan Perry, Lynette Dittman, Darlene Mattson

Beyrenelle Manthei by Rose Barker, Steve & Linda Blake, Kathleen Pierotti, Nancy Brickner

Merrillee DuPlayee by Lou Ann DuPlayee

Patrick Hommerding by Linda Henrichs, Matt & Kim Leder

Gerrit "Chub" VanDerGeest by Linda Henrichs, Matt & Kim Leder

Marion Anderson by Roger Anderson & Barb Fraser

Meg Quinn by Larry & Ellen Manthein

Robert & Signa Lambrecht by Daniel Lambrecht & Dawn Dunk

Otto Yirkovsky by William Hudson 

Margaret Taylor by Dale & Patricia Zuelsdorff

Stella by William & Joanne Wengeler

Cari Sauter by Barbara Van Slate, Connie Hoefs

Sharon Purchase by Peggy & Bob Bauman, Bonnie Pophal, Rusty & Patti Stickler, Alan & Paulet Pophal

Laurie Gering by Jennie Hopppe

Mary Moscherosch by Theresa Klug

Mardene Wilke by Jill Alft

Richard Watroba by Greg Eichelkraut & Linda Becker 

Nels Nicholson & Donna Berndt by the Nicholson Family 

Logan & Emma (Gerstchen) by Jim & Sara Pinsonneault

Richard Watroba by Friends & Family

Bob by Beatrice Lebal

Shirley Wojciechowski by Thomas & Sally Schmidt, Sharon Zunker

Eileen Kroening by Friends & Family

Carol Osness by Gary Osness

Doug Meyer by Daniel & Jean Meyer

Sue Hass by Dale & Janet Kleinschmidt

Jo Wengeler by Dale & Janet Kleinschmidt

Sandy Weber by Dale & Janet Kleinschmidt

Rita by Glenn & Barbara Hartley

Kay Simon by Penny Callahan & Ryan King 



Soup Cook-Off Rescheduled

LCHS is going to reschedule our Soup Cook-off for April. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing everyone in April! 

Aluminum Can Donation in Tomahawk Only

 We would like to thank everyone for working with LCHS to donate aluminum cans in Tomahawk! In December, we received $414.00 as a result of the can donation in Tomahawk!


Please note, LCHS will not be accepting aluminum cans at our facility. Although we are not accepting aluminum cans at LCHS, the Hometown Feed Mill & General Store in Tomahawk does have a trailer available for can donation.


LCHS will not transport cans so if you decide to donate cans, you must deliver them to the trailer in Tomahawk.


Thank you for your understanding and support!


2021 Dog License Sales

2021 dog license sales are now available for purchase using one of the following three options:

1. You can purchase a license through your municipality (see contact list below). Contact your Town Treasurer in advance to ask the exact procedure.

Municipality Contact Info:

Town of Birch: Marlene Fox 715-218-0391

Town of Bradley: Phyllis Evans 715-453-3326

Town of Corning: Katie Giese 715-351-0918

Town of Harding: Carrie Hintz 715-536-8901

Town of King: Julie Allen 715-453-8578

Town of Merrill: Kay Tautges 715-536-4383

Town of Pine River: Donna Opper 715-432-7421

Town of Rock Falls: Cindy Frisch 715-536-3947

Town of Russell: Susan Fisher 715-351-0028

Town of Schley: Susan Podeweltz 715-536-3756

Town of Scott: Ann Krueger 715-539-8355

Town of Skanawan: Jean Zoellner 715-966-6419

Town of Somo: Jody Issacson 715-564-3239

Town of Tomahawk: Loretta Wanta 715-453-8836

Town of Wilson: Laurie Peterson 715-453-8465

City of Tomahawk: Treasurer 715-453-4040

City of Merrill: Treasurer 715-536-5594


2. Mail a copy of the rabies certificate, payment, and information for the dog license to:


310 N. Memorial Drive

Merrill WI 54452


3. Call in advance to set up an appointment. You must bring the copy of the rabies certificate, payment, and additional information for the license. One person will be scheduled per appointment and masks are required. 

November Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in November!

Meghan Stevenson

Joseph Yelle

Elle Taylor 

Lawrence Ekdahl

Cecil Ballou

Kelley Roncke

Dawn Gourlie

Karen Olson

Beverly Zietlow

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Nadine Appel

Cassie McLain

Lesley Simons

Harry & Nancy Gladwin

Pamela Welch

Janet Selnes

Jenny Beyer


Gregory Powers

Mandy Kostroski

Becky Deinnger

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Jan Murray

Dan Lara

Jan Murray

Tasha Wassink

Sharayah Lee

Joel Schlereth

Chris Moravec

Sharon Wahoske

Erin Fritz

Brian Conklin

Network for Good (facebook)

Timothy & Sue Finnegan

Darin & Kati Gille

Amy Hameister

John Underwood

Joshua Oxborrow

Thomas & Laurie Daniels

Kent Rinne

Rachel Morrison

Felecia Fosdal

Mark & Janet Abell

Dick & Gay Baumgart


November Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in November! We greatly appreciate your support!

Dimetria Jameson by Beth & Dale Jankowsky

Bonnie Buntrock by Janie Rowe

Gine Lake by Phil & Deanna Prast

Ed Wilfahrt by Sandra Ratkovich, Barbara Plonsky Koehler

Jasper Van Der Geest by Sawyer Marnholtz

Tillie Heideman by Beatrice Lebal

Max by Peter Meyer

Chub Van Der Geest by Penny Callahan

Ken Tupa Jr.'s Birthday by Family

Amy Tomajcik by Bonnie Wiesmann

Joyce Vreeke by John & Vicki Kuester

Margaret Combz by William Hudson

Carolee Grund by Lori Brown

Beyrnelle Manthei by Sally Svihla, Judith Wery 

Richard Wartoba by Mark & Mary Repking, Cassie Littlejohn, Franklin & Marlene Thomaschefsky, Marshfield Clinic Physicians & Staff, Carol Holz, Marcy Wiltgen, Family & Friends


Hunter's Raffle Winners

We would like to thank everyone who made our first Hunter's Raffle event a success! A huge thank you goes to our event coordinator, Darla Sann! We would also like to thank Home Town Feed Mill (Tomahawk), Merrill Eagle's Club, and Tomahawk Furniture & Gun!

Your support raised $5,717.85 for the animals calling the shelter their temporary home!

We would also like to thank Sue B. & Mike K. for donating $200 of their winnings back to LCHS! Thank you both for your generosity!

1st: Sue B.

2nd: Lizzy H.

3rd: Heidi R.

4th: Greg Z.

5th: Todd J.

6th: Nicole J.

7th: Char A.

8th: Todd P. 

9th: Jeff A.

10th: Gabe S.

11th: Mike S.

12th: Mike K.

13th: David B.

14th: Austin B.

15th: Karrie K.


If you have not yet contacted LCHS to pick up your prize, please call us at 715-536-3459.

Thank you, Lost Dogs of Wisconsin!

We would like to thank David Woods & Lost Dogs of Wisconsin for generously offering to sponsor microchips for 40 reclaimed animals (animals coming to LCHS as strays that an owner comes forward to claim and take home)! 

The 40 donated microchips will include the microchip insertion and registration through 24Petwatch. Please note, this is not a requirement to reclaim an animal - the owner does have the option to decline the microchip. 

Thank you, David Woods & Lost Dogs of Wisconsin for all your hard work keeping the animals of our community safe! 

Hunter's Raffle Sneak Preview!

 Here is a sneak preview of one of the basket raffle prizes for November 28th's Hunter's Raffle at the Merrill Eagle's Club! 

The event will be held from 6pm-8pm at Merrill Eagle's Club (1205 Lake Street). 

Basket raffle tickets will be 3 for $10. 

Christmas Trees Available!

 LCHS has Christmas Trees available for sale! All trees this year are $25.

Tree sales are by appointment only so please call in advance to set a time to come in. 715-536-3459

Shop at Amazon to Support LCHS!

 Remember to shop at and Amazon will donate to LCHS! We recently received $139.48 as a result of your support! Thank you! 


AmazonSmile Link:

Facebook (Network for Good) Donations

We are incredibly grateful to the many supporters that donate & raise money for LCHS through Facebook. This is a great support of LCHS - in Septemer & October we received $1385!  Each month, a check is distributed from Facebook's "Network for Good" program with the money donated during the previous month. 

Unfortunately, we are not provided with a list of donors or the donation event that solicited the donations for LCHS. We are not ignoring the generous support of so many people who chose LCHS as their charity for birthday and holiday fundraisers, we are unable to list the donors because Facebook keeps the donations anonymous. So please, do not hesitate to donate to LCHS via Facebook, just be aware that we will not receive the donor information on our end.

If you do decide to donate or do a fundraiser for LCHS and would like us to post a photo or recognition, we are happy to post it so please contact us! Thank you for your continued support! 

September & October Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank the following individuals for donating in honor of a loved one in September & October! We greatly appreciate your support!

Molly the dog by Carolyn Byer

Linda Schmidt by the Gronke Family, Storm Family, Stockowitz Family, and Geisler Family

Axel Kleinschmidt by Kristine Smith

Madeline "Mitzi" Loeffelad by Mr. & Mrs. Francis Montabon, Louis & Kim Kiernan, Debra Weber, Penny Callahan, Duane & Rebecca Yorde

Nathalie Tank by Ellen Parker, Joseph & Marjorie Greenberger

Cheryl Westra by Shirley Westra

Gracie May by Shirley May Borchardt

Margaret Bennett by Richard & Elayne Ollmann

Peggy Bauman by Shirley & Daniel Gajewski

Marlene Saal by Steven & Lisa Hass

Jim Wickman by Jack & Helene Ader 

Reese Conrad by Kris, Izzie, Bentlie & Frankie Smith

Ruby, beloved dog of Julie & Shane Sowinski by Gary & Joan Hilgendorf

Joyce Hartzke by Patricia & Dale Zuelsdorff, Jody & Chris Hamerla

Amy Jo Tomczik by Patricia & Dale Zuelsdorff, Jody & Chris Hamerla

Lacey by Penny Callahan

Johanna Osness Hoerstmann by Carol Osness

Martin, Genie, & Dennis Rehwinkel by Sue & Kris Rehwinkel

Lacie VanderGeest by Jayco & Alvin 


September & October Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in September & October! We are incredibly grateful for all our generous supporters!

Meghan Stevenson

Tyler Mueller

Donald Israeh

Nadine Appel

Cecil Ballou

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Lawrence Ekdahl

Maya Sigl

Duane Yorde


Janet Selnes

Pamela Welch

Hillside Hideaway

Merrill Foto News & Merrill Courier

Nanette Mathews

Merrill Iron & Steel

Central Wisconsin Insurance Agents of Merrill

Mary Stewart

Hilda Bukovic

Brian & Vietta Leavitt

James & Rosemary Schielke

Barbara Dalsky Dern

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Dan Lara

Sue Behrens

Diana Berenz

Nicholas Traeger

Tina Rydzik

Tasha Wassink

Sharayah Lee

Melissa Tremaine

Laurie Svetlik

Teri Schmidt

Nicole DeNardis

Brian & Diane Brunelle

Network for Good

Pam Breuer

Heidi Priddy

Amy Hameister

Jessica Patterson

Kim Koehler

Kristin Seis

Edward Raasch

Kerry Hass

Jane Elizabeth Parsons

Roger Martens

Michael Kufahl

Eileen & Jeffrey Frencin

Misty Kremsreiter

Brie Wulf

Melanie Tlusty

Travis & Carly Barker

Philip & Virginia Giese

Frances Jeske

Russell & Nancy Putnam

Kenneth Frakes

Ethan Calkins

Lynette Volkers

Krystal Kelly

Rick & Judith Lombard

Shirley Roeder

Dwayne & Olivia Dachel

Church Mutual Commercial Markets Group

Barbara Plonsky Koehler

Peggy Bauman 




September & October Sponsors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support and sponsorship of various shelter animals in September & October!

Donald Israeh

John & Vicki Kuester

Pamela Welch

Donna Howell


Kathryn Brewington

Charity Narlock

Jessica Burke-Vang

Brittany Hallquist

Elizabeth Haumschild

Mary Frederick

Theresa Novitski

Rose Lynd


Please note - animal sponsorships using Facebook are not listed individually since LCHS does not have access to the donor list.

Hunter's Fall Raffle

 $20 per ticket! Only 350 tickets will be sold!

Saturday, November 28

Merrill Eagle's Club (1205 Lake St)

6pm-8pm Snacks & Door Prizes & Raffles!

Official drawing at 7pm - need not be present to win

Prizes: 1st $300, 2nd $200, 3rd-4th $100, 5th-9th $75, 10th-15th $50

If you are interested in purchasing tickets, please call LCHS at 715-536-3459 

Thank you, Central Wisconsin Insurance Associates

 The Lincoln County Humane Society would like to thank Central Wisconsin Insurance Associates (CWIA) for their incredible generosity! The CWIA and Secura Insurance has been a long-time support of LCHS and decided to donate $5,000 to help the shelter animals! Thank you so much, CWIA! Your support is greatly appreciated! 

Pictured: Liz & Daisy Mae of LCHS, Tina Essenberg, Chad Olson, Rick Gleason 

Adult Cat Adoption Special!

Adult cats (6 months and over) adoption fees are reduced to $10!

Applications must be submitted in advance (you can find applications on the website

The shelter is still open by appointment only. Please call us with any questions! 

LCHS Benefit Auction Sponsors

We would like to thank all of the amazing businesses & individuals who donated for our Benefit Auction! Our Fall Auction raised over $7,600 and we are incredibly grateful for all of the support from our community!

Please - if you saw a local business or artist on our Benefit Auction, make sure to support them! These donors make a huge impact for all non-profit organizations. This event could not have happened without the support of the following donors:

Judy Joles Locke

Sarah Christianson

Sally Thayer

Jim Daenicke

Tracy FairFrei

Russell & Nancy Putnam

Mary & Arlyn

Steve & Jill Patraw

Wes & Jayne Schoepke

Marathon Town & Country Store (Wausau)

Juliana Palmcook

Derek Krzanowski

Pam Pophal Albrecht

Power House Lawn & Leisure of Merrill

Northwoods Maple Farm

Deena Rathbun

Polka Dotted Pie (Merrill)

Johnson's of Merrill

Maria's Family Care

Seven Oaks Bodywork & Massage

David & Hope Linke

Sherry Fritz

George & Christine Brahos

Chip's Hamburgers of Merrill

The Beacon of Merrill - Mike Grunenwald, Manager

Jayne Thiel

Jenny Miner

Brad's Guide Service

Lora Reichelt

KC Switlick

Waid's Funeral and Cremation Service of Merrill

In honor of Johanna Osness Hoerstmann by family & friends










August Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in August! We greatly appreciate your support!


Meghan Stevenson

Lawrence Ekdahl

Cecil Ballou

James Parsons

Candice Jacobson

Nadine Appel

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Diana Berenz

Tina Carrier

Kathleen Nelson

Pamela Welch

Janet Selnes

Heidi Haltinner

Darlene LaBorde

Sharon Fritz

Irvin & Cheryl Fick

Bruce & Kathleen Shepherd

Jean & James Fabry

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Barbara & Andrew Zynda

Dan Lara

Tasha Wassink

Gwen Hardie-Bauer

Network for Good

Amy Hameister 

Richard Jeske

Kathleen Swope

Lorraine & Paul Smith




Animal Statistics January-August

We are excited to announce that regardless of the chaos of 2020, LCHS has still worked to achieve our goals of helping animals! So far this year:

22 cats and 62 dogs have been reunited with their owners

17 small animals/reptiles, 310 cats/kittens and 96 dogs/puppies have been adopted

Thanks to everyone who has continued to support LCHS during this time! We are incredibly grateful to all our volunteers and donors! 

August Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in August! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Dallas Winter by The Winter Family

Gloria Svetlik by Tom & Linda Tompach

Margaret Robl by Nancy Burgener

Joe Vgolint by Gwen Schmidt

Stubby's 75th Birthday by Tina & Nick Larson

Chloe Snaz by Marta & Stephen Loos

Fender Olson by Marta & Stephen Loos

Gail Curran by David & Sue Pyan 

Nathalie Tank by Mary La Haie, David Kapszukiewiz, John & Lynn Muhvich, Barbara Hunger


LCHS Benefit Auction October 15-19

To make up for some of our cancelled fundraisers, LCHS will be hosting a benefit auction October 15-19. All items will be posted on facebook and all bidding will occur on facebook. Please use this link (you may have to copy and paste) to join the facebook page dedicated to the LCHS Benefit Auction - 

We are in need of prizes for the Auction! If you are interested in donating, please contact LCHS at 715-536-3459. Thank you! 

There will be a variety of auction prizes and we will post details about the prizes, the minimum bids, and any other information soon! Thank you all for your continued support! We could not do this wihtout you! 

Here is some information about the upcoming auction:

1. Bid in increasing increments of $5

2. Create a new facebook comment when bidding - a facebook reply may be missed

3. No deleting a bid - if you bid on the wrong item, message us to correct it

4. If you back out on a bid you win, you may be banned from future auctions

5. There will be a minimum starting bid on all auction items

6. Remember, this is an auction, and all money raised goes directly to the animals of the shelter. These funds help us provide medical care, spay and neuter surgeries, and enrichment for the animals here.

7. Bid HIGH and bid OFTEN. Feel free to tag friends or cheer on other people bidding. Rude or negative comments will be immediately deleted. 

8. No promoting you own items for sale on the auction site.

9. Please understand LCHS staff will be working with the animals and doing other jobs during the auction time. We will do our best to answer questions right away but sometimes there will be a delay. 

10. Auction items must be paid for via Paypal or over the phone with credit card by calling 715-536-3459. Make sure to note the Item Number if you pay via Paypal. We do not have a cash/check payment option. 

11. Some items will not be available for shipping. We will list whether shipping is available or not on each item as it is posted. Shipping may be at the buyer's expense.

12. We appreciate your support as we navigate new ways to raise money for our shelter pets! Please remember, we are all in this together and we incredibly grateful for all you to help homeless animals in our community! 

July Honorarium Donors

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in July! Your support is greatly appreciated! 

Fred Pester & Tucker from Ken & Gay Baumann, Juli-Kay Baumann, Steven & Linda Baumann, Brian & Chelle Baumann, Jodeen Baumann

Johanna Hoerstmann by Karen Severt, Barbara Hanson

Gus Osness by Karen Severt

Jean Osness by Karen Severt

Jane Wright by W.D. & Marie Schultz

Dorothy Malmarawski by Dennis & Patricia Jeske

Robert Friedenfels by Darla Sann, Mary Bootz & Arlyn Hintz, Josh & Jennifer Bootz, Sarah & Scott Christianson, Jason & Suzy Bootz, The Nicholson Family, Julie Osness-Thorson, Debbie Harris, Carl & Mary Moscherosch, Colleen & Larry Woller 

Mike Krueger by Our Way, Inc

Bree by Rick & Judith Lombard

Chris & Erin Vesselmann's Wedding by David Vesselmann

Joyce Hartzke by Colleen & Larry Woller 

Bucky by Angela Bailey 

Grandma Lila Schleif by Sophie 

July Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in July! We are incredibly grateful for their generosity!

Meghan Stevenson

Lawrence Ekdahl

Jean Dorsey

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Cecil Ballou

Laura Derks

Dawn Faber

Nadine Appel

Katie Feltz

Diana Berenz

Sandy Mauser

Allison & Floyd Dean

Rachel Nawrocki

Town of Schley

Janet Selnes

Pamela Welch 

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Eileen & Jeffrey Frencin

Dan Lara

David & Carol Finanger

Jean Perkins

Network for Good

Tasha Wassink

Amy Hameister

Tomahawk Farmer's Market Corp

Penny Callahan

Mary Jaax

Ed & Sharon's Restaurant

Claire Hillmeyer





LCHS No Longer in Need of Blankets/Towels

We would like to thank everyone for the incredible amount of blankets and towels that have been donated recently! The shelter is currently out of storage space for blankets and towels so we cannot accept any towels or blankets right now. Thank you for your continued support! 

Puppy Waiting List

We would like to thank all of the wonderful families who recently applied for the Shepherd mix puppies! The puppies are all adopted!

We received so many applications that unfortunately, we do not have enough puppies for each potential adopter. 

If you would like to be put on a waiting list for puppies/dogs in the future, please submit an application by emailing a completed application to 

Mask Sale 8/7/20

Our wonderful volunteers, Debbie & Marlene, will be selling masks on Friday August 7th at County Market in Merrill. All the proceeds will be donated to LCHS. Masks are $5 each and there are a variety of sizes and colors. Debbie & Marlene will be at County Market selling masks from 2:30-4:45pm.

We would like to thank the donor who made the masks for the sale, Debbie & Marlene for hosting the sale, and County Market for allowing us to sell masks at their store! We greatly appreciate the support! 

June Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in June! We greatly appreciate the support!

Rachel Werner

Lawrence Ekdahl

Lisa Henkelman

Meghan Stevenson

Chris Albrecht

Eileen & Jeffrey Frencin

Nadine Appel

Randy Plantenberg

Cecil Ballou

Kronenwetter Veterinary Care

Katie Feltz

Diana Berenz

Kelly Rushing

Marlene Aschbrenner

Sarah Christianson

Phyllis Berthiaume

Richard Watroba

Debra Grawien

Hilda Bukovic

Janet Selnes

Pamela Welch

Christine Ziegler

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Dan Lara

Tasha Wassink

Amy Hameister

Aneesa Schaeffer

Peggy & Bob Bauman

Gerald & Carrie Jones

Network for Good (Facebook)

Provident Group Inc

Heather Keso & Steven Wood

Maxine & Jay Tlusty 








June Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in June! Your support is greatly appreciated!


Lisa Jo Waldburger by Barbara Mikeal, Virginia Rochon, Our Way Inc, Gerald & Nancy Kunkel 

Audrey Nunamaker by Julie & Alan Coss

Margaret Robl by Julie & Alan Coss

Crystal Josiger by Julie & Alan Coss

Cari Sauter by Betty Denzin, Marlene Henrichs, Sally Thayer, Wendy Rausch

Joyce Harzke by Carol Osness, Mary Beth Sabatke, Bonnie Wiesmann

Noel Pregont by Kathryn Krohn-Gill, Terry Vander Heiden, Fidelity Charitable 

Ken Tupa Sr.'s Birthday by Family & Friends

Jerry O'Connor by Joanne Manaras, Jean & William Garvey,  Mary Anne & Robert James Nichols, MD

Bailey Jean Lambrecht by Jolene Callahan, Julie & Alan Coss

Jesse Callahan by Jolene Callahan

Thomas Thompson Sr by Gene & Pam Mohrland, Jeremy & Jan Thompson, Rodger & Donna Thompson 

Reese Conrad by Ron & Rose-Marie Peterson, Beatrice Lebal, Phynette & Vincent Conrad

Anna Mae Crowell by Gregory & Mary Beth Gane

Ron Ohlmann by Paul & Patricia Peters

Bree Lombard by Norman & Cheryl Moeller

Marie Wiesmann by Bonnie Wiesmann

Mike Krueger by Bonnie Pophal

Norman Narron by Robert Narron

Natalie Griffie by Robert Narron

Bella By Robert Narron

Alice Jacobson by the Fries Family


Keep pets safely indoors on July 4th!

Did you know more pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year? Below are some tips to keep your pets safe this Fourth of July.


  • Don’t bring your pets to the fireworks

  • Never leave your pet in the car during fireworks

  • Don’t leave doggie doors open or pets outside in the yard


  • Take your dog on a long walk before the fireworks

  • Leave your pet at home in a safe environment

  • Provide plenty of water, toys, and a safe chew

  • Close windows, lower blinds, and play some soothing music

  • Microchip your pets

  • Keep collars with ID tags on your pet at all times

ATV/UTV Ride July 25 Cancelled

We are sad to announce LCHS will be cancelling the ATV/UTV Ride on July 25. Due to the amount of local business that donate prizes and sponsor the event, we did not want to put any additional strain on these organizations that may have been impacted by the pandemic. 

Please continue to show your support for your local businesses - these organizations are the heart of non-profits. Thank you for your on-going support of our shelter animals. We are grateful for the generosity of the community! 

April & May Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in April & May! We appreciate everyone's generosity!

Meghan Stevenson

Nadine Appel

Hilda Bukovic

Lawrence Ekdahl

Town of Schley

Donald & Terri Koch

Cecil Ballou

John & Vicki Kuester

Kenneth Ronk

Deidre Dreger

John Schaffer

James Rehwinkel

Melissa Habeck

Rick & Judith Lombard

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Diana Berenz

Valerie Wykes

Carol & John Avelis

Janet Selnes

Pamela Welch

Dan Lara

Rhonda Robinson

Michael & Tracy Gengalo

Patricia Oelke & Barbara Ringwelski

Brenda Ziemke

Network For Good

Edward Gruett

Tasha Wassink

Lori Weiderhoeft

Maxine & Jay Tlusty

Mardell Penca

Coleen Sukow

James Parsons

Amy Hameister

Hugh Gross

Jennifer Heyel

Tina Rydzik

Norman & Cheryl Moeller

Fred Stoll

Mary & Daniel Schiltz

Shannon Thomas

Connie Sandberg

Schulz Heating & Cooling

Fidelity Charitable

Joanne & Donald Sprague

David Brand


Michelle Bennish

Jean Fennell

Allen & Stephanie Ashbeck

Judy Hall

Brenda Ronk

Brenda Huse

Shirley & James Westra

Linda Semling Peterson

Nadine Appel

Merrill Area United Way, Inc

Scott Steele

Amy Butterworth

Pam Breuer

Katina Rusch

Dick & Gay Baumgart

Carol Peterson & Alice Andraski

Janet Selnes

Katelynn Parenteau


Laurie Frank

Colleen Woller

Eileen & Jeffrey Frencin

Russell & Nancy Putnam


Connie Gulke

Faye Semling

Bill & Carol Sparr

























Booster Shots Available for Recently Adopted Animals

If you adopted a dog or cat shortly before or during the lockdown period and your pet was due for a booster with its distmeper combo vaccine, LCHS is now scheduling appointments for the booster vaccine. This is only for animals adopted from LCHS between March-May that did not receive a booster vaccine due to the closures from the coronavirus. 

Please call LCHS at 715-536-3459 or email us at to set up an appointment for the booster vaccine. When you call or email, please provide your name and contact information, as well as the name of the animal when it was at the shelter and the basic description of the animal. 

Thank you for your patience! 

Wildlife Rescues - a priceless resource!

Summer is finally here!  This means a great increase in injured or orphaned wildlife.  But things are not always as they seem.  There are many times where a human's well meaning intervention actually can do more harm than good. 

An easy way to make sure you're making the right choice is to contact an expert right away. By saving wildlife rehabilitation phone numbers into your phone today, you have the resource you may need in the future.  If you're at the park and find a baby bird or if you're driving and you see a fawn in a ditch on the side of the road, you'll know exactly who to call for answers.  So pull out your phone right now and save these numbers:

Northwoods Wildlife Center (Minocqua) 715-356-7400

Raptor Education Group (Antigo) 715-623-4015

Wild Instincts (Rhinelander) 715-362-9453

This simple step may help you to save a life one day!

April & May Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in April & May! We greatly appreciate your support! 


Leroy Gilson by Dennis & Elizabeth Scherwinski, Marsha Gilson, T & K Krueger, Julie & Alan Coss, James & Brenda Langerman, Kathleen Monnot, John & Karen Staff

Jim Roth by Leesa Roth

Debbie Burris by Bill & Carol Sparr

Charles Heise by Scott Brainard

Margaret Robl by Amy Ives

Barb Nordall by Jane Hart

Sadie by Sandra Ratkovich 

Jeff Krueger by Bonnie Pophal, Peggy Bauman

Crystal Josiger by Church Mutual Insurance Company

Marget Robl by Steve & Kim Hehling

Johanna Hoerstmann by Richard & Elayne Ollmann, Patricia Travis, The Thorson Family

Mason's 6th Birthday by Brett & Carmen Klug

Margaret Robl by Janet Beyer-Thums, Richard & Elayne Ollmann, Craig Schultz & Margaret McCabe-Schultz

Kassie Boyce's Birthday by John Oatman Jr. & Jean Oatman

Wayne Heeren by Jennifer Gabriel

Marilyn Stiver by Den Stiver

Darlene Woodward by Judith Reich

William "Bill" Kollath by Susan VanDerGeest

Robert Smith by Michele & Richard Moyer

Ella May by Debbie Alvin

Chad Blake by Ronald & Davell Kunza

Diesel, the English Setter, and Maxi by William & Joanne Wengeler

Robert Smith by Matthew Smith 

Dian Steinfest by Carol & Irving Bork, Daniel & Sandra Sukow

Sandy Schmidt by Nancy Porath

Cari Sauter by Patricia Briquelet

Joyce Hartske by Faye Meier

Dave Kopanske by Ronald & Beth Kautz















Changes in the LCHS Volunteer Program

We would like to thank all of our amazing volunteers for your patience and understanding in recent months! We are incredibly grateful for your on-going support of our shelter and its animals.

While things have been unusually quiet at LCHS, this has given us some time to address future policies and ways we can improve.

One of the main changes will occur in our volunteer program. LCHS has always been very relaxed, volunteers could visit any time during open hours with no advance notice. ALthough this had advantages for visiting famillies, often we would see dozens of volunteers in one day and then have no one come to walk dogs or visit cats for several days in a row. Once LCHS officially reopens, our new policy will require volunteers submit the volunteer application in advance and volunteers will now follow a schedule and will undergo a brief training to learn more about the facility and how we operate. This simple change will help us to ensure the animals have daily enrichment and volunteers do not have to wait at the facility for an opening to volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering once the shelter is open to the public, please call us at 715-536-3459 or email us at

We understand different volunteers have different abilities and interests so we intend to work with each volunteer to make the experience at LCHS a great fit.

Thank you, Schofield Dollar Tree!

      We would like to thank Schofield's Dollar Tree for donating 20+ boxes of supplies for the animals of LCHS! We greatly appreciate the support and donation of much-needed cat and dog food, toys, and treats for the animals! 

Fall Banquet Cancelled for 2020

We are sad to announce our Annual Fall Banquet will be cancelled for 2020. Due to the incredible amount of local businesses that donate prizes and sponsor the event, we did not want to put any additional strain on these organizations that may have been impacted by the pandemic. This event is the biggest fundraiser for LCHS each year and the banquet often raises more than $25,000 so please continue to support LCHS.

Please continue to show your support for your local businesses - these organizations are the heart of non-profits. Local businesses donate and assist so many non-profits, without them most fundraisers would be impossible. 

Thank you for your on-going support of our shelter animals. We are grateful for the generosity of the community! 

LCHS Benefit Auction Update


We would like to thank the many sponsors who donated prizes for our online Benefit Auction. Due to many fundraisers being cancelled, this Benefit Auction became a way to offset some of the financial loss. We are so happy to report that our community again answered our call for help. The Auction has been very popular and many people have bid far beyond the minimum bid. Many new donors came forward with items for the auction. People shared and posted and promoted the Auction all over Facebook. Our community's generosity and support is always inspiring, and once again, we thank you for caring so much about homeless animals. You are their voice and you are our strength. Thank you! 


Our LCHS Benfit Auction Sponsors:


7 Oaks Bodywork & Massage

Ashley Boyd

Wes Schoepke

Sara Stevenson

Iron Raven Tattoo

Jennifer & Jaxon Bootz

Moments Foster Care

Dr. Karen Johnson

Derek Krzanowski

Judy Joles Locke

Riverwood Originals of Gleason

Tim & Deena Rathbun

Jenny Miner

Tomahawk Furniture

Kaitlynn Krzanowski

Jim Daenicke

Stubby & Sally Thayer

Marathon Town & Country

Karen Mootz

Lora Reichelt

Ken & Sally Tupa

Trina DeLasky

Kari Kercher

Shirley Harper

Tanya Kleinschmidt

Cindy Markowski


We would like to thank our Platinum Sponsor, Skutak Dental of Rothschild, for donating so many amazing items for the Auction. Thank you, Skutak Dental, for your continued support! 


Essential Business Order

While the Essential Business Order is still in effect for Wisconsin, LCHS remains closed except for adoptions, redemptions (reclaiming your own animal that was brought in as a stray), and incoming strays or surrenders from Lincoln County.

Before the COVID-19 concerns, LCHS sometimes had as many as 50 people visit in one day! We greatly miss our volunteers and we're looking forward to seeing you all again soon! But for now, unfortunately, we aren't able to have volunteers visit with the cats or walk dogs. We know our volunteers miss visiting with the animals and we want to assure you that our staff is still providing great care and making sure the animals get some extra TLC during this time. 

We are also very thankful to all of our donors for understanding the modified policies - we are asking that non-monetary items be placed into a tote outside our front door (there are tax receipts in an envelope attached to the tote) and monetary donations be sent through standard mail or completed online. Many of our regular donors would visit in person and then spend some time with the animals of the shelter. We are sad this isn't an option at this time but again, we thank you all for your ongoing support and generosity! 

We are also saddened that LCHS can no longer accept aluminum can donations. In the past, this has been a great fundraiser for us. Unfortunately due to the health risks for our staff and volunteers, can donations will be discontinued until further notice. We do not have a set time in mind to begin can donations again but we will post any updates on our website and facebook page. Several people have contacted LCHS to ask what to do with aluminum cans - if you are willing to take the cans to a local recycling facility (Alter Metals in Wausau, Tomahawk Iron & Metal, or TerX Recycling in Brokaw), you can have the check written to LCHS and donate the money from the cans. 

We appreciate your patience and support during this time! We will see each other again soon. Stay safe! 

Fundraising Update 4/23

As LCHS begins to adapt to new fundraising challenges in the months, we would like to keep everyone updated and get your feedback. 

Our ATV/UTV Ride is still scheduled as previously planned for July 25. We will post more updates as we get closer to the event. 

LCHS is planning a Benefit Auction for May. The Benefit Auction will occur on facebook and payments must be through Paypal or call-in credit card payments. More details coming soon! If you are interested in donating a prize, please call us at 715-536-3459. 

We are also considering new dates for our 5K Walk for Whiskers. We will keep everyone posted!

We want to thank you all for your continued support during this difficult time. Many non-profits are facing challenges we never considered before and we appreciate your patience and guidance during this time. The animals thank you! 

March Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor a loved one in March! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Sally Tupa by Lora Reichelt

Floran "Tuffy" Pfuhl by Gwen Carlson, Jacklyn Akey

Christie's Birthday by Laura Singsime

Nancy Podgorski by Anita Norton-Heil

Callie by Marlene Graap

Darlene Woodward's 80th Birthday by Dennis & Joanne Brandner

LeRoy Gilson by Ron Gilson, Andrew Carlson, Tammy & Timothy Woller, Joan Scharbius, Mary Scharbius, Deborah Crass, David & Pammie Wangerin

Shirley Westra by Beth Westra, Ed Wasserstrom

Ruth Harbath by Brenda Zettler

Kathy Gruett by Beverly Dietz

Kenny Ellenbecker by Johnille Alft

Donald Buntrock by Jerry & Lynn Marrier

Claire Kufahl's Birthday by David & Carol Finanger, Timothy Kufahl

Peggy Trantow by Anonymous

Diesel Wengeler by Kirsten Wengeler

Jerry O'Connor by Joan Nygaard

Elsie Zietlow by Peggy Bauman

Donald Buntrock by Mariann & Steve Hanig, Jerry & Lynn Marrier






March Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in March! We greatly appreciate everyone's generosity!

Leslie & Cindy Hojnacki

Ingrid Erickson

Meghan Stevenson

Aqua Finance, Inc

Marjorie Hanna

Hillside Hideaway

Lawrence Ekdahl

Cecil Ballou

Danielle Gilbert

Nadine Appel


Candice Jacobson

Jerry & Susan Zastrow

Jodene Lokemoen

Amber Charlton

Diana Berenz

Janet Selnes

Pamela Welch

Amy Fromm

Graebel Companies - Pot of Good Donation Drive

Daniel Theiler

Dan Lara

Brett Klug

Tasha Wassink

T.B. Scott Library

Network for Good (Facebook)

Amy Hameister

Laura Norton 

Nancy Clinton

Maxine & Jay Tlusty

Jean Fennel

Rose Lynd

The Benevity Community Impact Fund














February Honorarium Donations

We would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in February! We greatly appreciate your support!

Tony Boigt by Arlene Boigt

Sandy Schmidt by Karen & Douglas Drost, Beth & Dale Jankowsky, Dawn Koehler

Kenny Ellenbecker by Diane Belter, Kim Schwartz, Diane Peterson, Donald Koester, Blair Hubbard, Carol Bartz, A. Huber, Scott & Rebecca Mackin

Bev Simon by Steven & Virginia Drew

Loren White by Leesa Roth

Chad Blake by Kathleen Livingston

Miss Penny by Donald & Jeannette Chamberlain

Mike Josiger by Karen & Maurice Abraham

Nancy Podgorski by Dale & Sandy Gerlach, Byron & Cynthia Miller, Stanley & Sherrie Podgorski, Jennifer Schwede, Walter & Joanie Carston, Mary Jo Macswain, Cindy & William Brandl, Duane & Mary Stremlau,             Jim & Sara Pinsonneault, Thomas & Julie Leslie, Brian & Denise Hackbarth, George Henrich Sr.

Roxy the dog by Bill & Carol Sparr

Eunice Daenicke by Marjorie Herman

Callie the kitty by Ron & Rose-Marie Peterson, Barbara Kampstra

Fred Yutuc by Park City Realty

Sue Kufahl by James & Beth Badeau

Floran "Tuffy" Pfuhl by Michelle Becker, Darla Sann, Jeffrey Anderson, W.L. & Mary Fisher



February Donors

We would like to thank the following donors for their support in February! We are incredibly grateful!

Meghan Stevenson

Cecil Ballou

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Shannon Cagle

Nancy Specht

Diana Berenz

Hilda Bukovic

Lawrence Ekdahl

Nadine Appel

Rick & Judith Lombard

Lynn & Derek Archer

Margaret Fruend

Marcy Wiltgen

Town of King

Janet Selnes

Pamela Welch

Joel Schlereth

Dan Lara


Darla Sann

Barbara Rambo-Hartley

Tasha Wassink

Chad Jirovec

Angela & Patrick Bailey

Network for Good (Facebook)

Stefanie Carlson

Amy Hameister

Donald & Sarah Litzer

Bruce & Janis Krueger

Dawn Gourlie

Diane Witscheber

Kerry Hass












The Lincoln County Humane Society will be closed until further notice, effective immediately. 

Based on the latest requiements regarding esesntial businesses, we will be closing to the public but will continue our daily operates to ensure the animals are cared for. We will work with our Board of Directors to determine when it is best to reopen. 

Call LCHS in advance at 715-536-3459 to make appointment for:

adoptions, reclaiming your own pet, stray/lost animals in Lincoln County, or surrendering a pet


Thank you for your patience & support!


The Lincoln County Humane Society will be closed until further notice, effective immediately.

Based on the latest requirements regarding essential businesses, we will be closing to the public but continue our daily operations to ensure the animals are cared for. We will work with our Board of Directors to determine when it is best to reopen.


Call LCHS in advance at 715-536-3459 to make appointments for:


-reclaiming an animal that was brought to LCHS as a stray

-a stray/lost animal in Lincoln County

-surrendering an animal


We are not accepting volunteers at this time

Non-monetary donations are still welcome - we encourage you to call in advance and deliver the items outside the front door of LCHS


Dog license sales will still occur but you must mail a copy of the rabies certificate, payment, and information for the dog license to LCHS at 310 N. Memorial Drive, Merrill WI 54452. You can purchase a dog license through your municipality. Please call LCHS for information if you decide to purchase the dog license through your municipality. We do not have any information regarding the State of Wisconsin's decision to extend the dog license sales. As far as we know, March 31 is still the last day to purchase a license.