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Yuki (now Brenna)

It's been about a year since Brenna (Yuki) had her puppies and I was wondering if you were still in contact with any of the purchasers or if you had any updated photos of one.  One gal keeps in contact with me so I see photos of "Bella" who was Gypsie all the time.  

Here is an updated photo of Brenna.  We've moved out to the other side of Merrill from where we were previously, and she now has about 60 Acres to roam around.  We have cows and chickens and goats that she plays with all the time and she's just loving life and is fit right in with our family.  I couldn't have found a better dog!  She and my 2 year old son are best of friends, and I tell you that dog puts up with a lot from him.  

Thank You again for all your help last year and all of the wonderful employees at LCHS!