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Taz and Macy

We have an Update!  Taz is doing great!   She loves the northwoods.  She seems to be a bit dominant over her new territory though with younger dogs that are not submissive to her, but doesnt hurt any people. She is very happy now that she has a home again.  We are also happy her brother has found a home as well. 

Taz loves people A LOT.  She likes to get all the attention.  She also loves to drink water.  I mean, a lot of water.  She can drink two bowls full in one sitting. Some of the water likes to get on her nose. She  gets along very well with Macy though.  They are best friends. Macy just has to learn that when an older dog has had enough, they had enough.

Macy as sweet as they come.  She gets spayed next week.  Oh man, I bet she is excited. (Not really.)  Macy loves baths now and likes to swim in the lake which was scarier for her before. Now she isnt as afraid.