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Flip (Now Tupper)

Just wanted you to know that our cat Tupper (used to be "Flip" at LCHS) is still doing as well as ever!  I laugh at myself now about how worried I was that a cat wouldn't get along with our dogs (or vice versa) because now the 3 of them are the best of buddies. 

Here is a picture of Tupper with one of our dogs, Pip.   I will have to try to get a picture of him with our other dog, Tilly (a walker/golden retriever mix) next time-- I think she is Tupper's favorite and they play together almost every day-- (Tupper normally starts it-- then Tilly chases him, then Tupper turns and jumps on her back-- It's hilarious to watch.  Luckily, Tilly is extremely gentle with both her little buddies, Tupper and Pip, who are much smaller than her.)  

My husband and I always thought of ourselves as tried and true dog people, but we are head over heels for this cat, as are our children (Especially my son, 5 years old, who named him-- He deriv