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Prince (Now Chance)

Then Prince, now Chance. Chance has been a great addition to the family. He is very smart, loyal, and protective of his family. He is in a house with Me and my Wife, and 2 kitties which are still working on warming up to the idea of having a dog for a brother but they are getting closer. We took him to see the vet a few days after getting him and he knew how to sit when we got him, Well the vet fell in love because in a matter of a few days not only could he sit, he could lay down, shake, other hand, and High 10.. And just a big love bug. We had made the decision of getting me a dog because I am a dog person and I am retired from the military due to injury. He is my buddy for sure.

I am just thankful for the Lincoln County Humane Society for chosing me and my wife to take this loving dog. He truly is a great addition.
John & Sami