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Chipper (AKA Teton)

We adopted "Teton", as he was known at the shelter, a yellow lab back in
June of 2010. We call him Chipper as that is what he responds to being
7+ years old he's set in his ways. He came to us as a very lazy, shy
(almost scared in some ways) old fellow. Since then he has become more
active, running and playing with our 3 yr old Chocolate lab, Morgan.
They love each others company. He's grown to love sleeping on the bed
with us. Most people don't think of adopting an older dog, he helped our
younger lab settle down some as they play alot throughout the day. He
does great with our 5 yr old daughter. Can't get him to go swimming but
he loves to come with us camping and to the lake to run none the less. I
must say I am really glad we decided to adopt him and give him his