Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to volunteer some of your time? If it is five minutes or five hours, we can use your help. It is wonderful to have someone take our dogs for walks, help clean, go with to local pet stores to show animals to the public, transport little furry friends to vet appointments, and so much more. Just give us a call and we would be happy to help you out.

We would greatly appreciate help in these following areas:

Dog Walkers

Can you help our pups?  Our shelter dogs benefit from daily walks and our volunteers help to make that happen!

Anytime during our open hours, anyone 18 or older can stop by to walk a shelter dog.  There is a volunteer form that must be filled out but after that, you can stop in anytime between 12pm-5pm (Monday-Friday), 12pm-4pm (Saturday), and 12pm-2pm (Sunday) to walk a dog! 

It is preferred that every dog going out for a walk get at least a twenty minute walk to help burn off energy and help them socialize.  You are welcome to walk dogs throughout our area (except the cemetary).  Please make sure to keep shelter dogs a safe distance from unknown strangers and other animals that may not be friendly to them and keep them on a leash at all times. 

Morning Cleaners - 8am to 12pm

Mornings are the busiest time at the shelter.  Every kennel is cleaned, food & water replaced, laundry washed & folded, treats & toys passed out, litter pans are washed & replaced, and the animals are given some extra love & attention.  Dog walking does not happen in the morning because of the time restrictions.

If you can help us with any of these tasks, please call us at (715) 536-3459 for more information.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. Anyone under 18 must have an adult present at all times. Volunteer forms can be filled out in advance or at the shelter. 

Yard work - Raking, Mowing, Cleanup

We can always use help with yardwork at the shelter!  We do welcome Boy/Girl Scout Troops to help as long as there is adult supervision provided by the volunteering organization.

In the summer months, we are always looking for volunteers that are 18 or older to help us with mowing the shelter lawn, cleaning up branches and debris, and planting & maintaining flowers. 

In the fall, we can use help with raking leaves and preparing for winter months.

In the winter, we always need help with shoveling and cleaning up the outdoor dog runs.  If you are coming to help, please consider bringing your own shovel since shelter supplies are limited.

In the spring, we are always looking for volunteers to assist us wtih clean-up and organization. 

You can stop by any time during our open hours to get started (Monday-Friday 12pm-5pm, Saturday 12pm-4pm, and Sunday 12pm-2pm). Volunteer forms must be filled out.


Plumbers & Woodworkers & Special Talents

LCHS is always in need of help with maintenance around the building.  If you are able to help, stop by to fill out a volunteer form and get started!  We would love to have a few maintenance people that would be willing to be on call to help out when issues arise.

Event Volunteers

LCHS has lots of fundraising and educational events throughout the year that we need volunteers for.  The events vary greatly but our need for volunteers is on-going!

If you are interested in volunteering, please call us at (715) 536-3459 or email our volunteer coordinator, Trina, at tidgy1@charter.net

Thank you all so much!

Volunteer Drivers

LCHS sends animals to veterinary appointments, rescue organizations, and other events.  We are often in need of drivers to safely transport the animals to help the shelter save time and money. 

At times, it is possible for volunteers to drive the LCHS van for these transports.  A volunteer form and copy of a valid driver's license must be provided so we are able to give our insurance company the volunteer driver's information.  Please call us at (715) 536-3459 to get started today!

Foster Families!

LCHS is in need of foster families to help us with animals that would benefit from a foster home experience.  Some of the animals that are in need of foster care may have special medical needs, be in need behavioral assistance, or be pregnant or nursing. 

LCHS will work with new foster families to develop a care plan for the animal in a foster home. 

It is important to note, foster families are different than our "Foster to Adopt" program and animals that are considered adoptable without special needs will not be sent into standard foster care.  Many foster families have an "on-call" status with LCHS, meaning we will contact registered foster families as the need arises.

Volunteer forms and foster care applications must be filled out.  Fostering animals literally saves lives and makes a huge difference in reducing overcrowding and illness at the shelter.  Please, save a life today and foster a shelter pet!